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We’re coming up to the two-year anniversary of what was one of the world’s biggest breaches, so we’re making sure to remind you not to miss the boat in the Equifax class action.

We launched legal action in the UK soon after news of the massive Equifax data breach hit the headlines. We’re now acting for a large group of people affected in the UK, as one of the over 20 different data breach group actions / multi party actions our lawyers are working on.

Unlike what some firms may do when they’re not experienced in the kinds of areas like we are, we’re activity taking cases forward on a No Win, No Fee basis. We’re not just registering information with a view to trying to taking further action later.

Latest in the Equifax class action and the breach itself

The Equifax class action (often referred to as a group action or multi-party action int eh UK) remains ongoing for the group of victims we act for. This was one of the biggest breaches in history, with some 140 million people affected worldwide.

There’s no doubt that information was exposed, and people’s data was left vulnerable for quite some time. However, one of the curious things about the breach is that experts are struggling to work out where the data has gone; i.e. who stole the data. For the victims,  this can be very worrying. Despite a great deal of investigation so far, the question of where the data has gone remains somewhat of a mystery.

For our action, we’re focusing on our clients and building their cases.

In additional news, another former executive has pleaded guilty to “insider trading” for reportedly selling shares he owned in Equifax before the breach hit the headlines. This kind of behavior is unacceptable and has served to worsen the aftermath of this monumental breach.

Claiming in the Equifax class action

Although our action has been moving forward  for almost two years, you still have time to join the Equifax class action if you’ve yet to start a case. However, to avoid missing any deadlines that may crop up at any time during the course of the action, you should initiate a case immediately.

We cannot guarantee that deadlines won’t pass in the meantime!

You can read more about the action here. Make sure to get in touch with the team to start your claim sooner rather than later. We are still getting recent enquirers coming through but take note that you don’t want to inadvertently miss any deadlines. They can crop up during the course of a case at any time in some cases! We will also have our own cut-off point in the future as well.

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First published by Matthew on March 20, 2019
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