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Equifax data leak investigations continue

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The Equifax data leak investigations continue for both our compensation action as well as criminal probes and investigations around the world.

We’re representing a large group of people affected by the Equifax data leak in the UK, and as our compensation action continues to move forward, more fines and charges are being pursued against the credit-monitoring company as well.

In the latest, the problems Equifax face continue as yet another employee is being investigated over alleged insider trading.

Equifax data leak leads to more charges of insider trading

Another employee has been charged for insider training over the Equifax data leak. The former software developer in question reportedly used knowledge of the Equifax data leak before it had become public to make a profit of almost £60,000.00.

He is the second employee to be investigated for insider trading as questions over whether members of the board should be sacked or not still remain unanswered.

Headaches increase over the Equifax data leak

The headaches over the Equifax data leak seem to just get worse and worse for the credit-monitoring company. Since the breach was made known last year, it’s been discovered that it was entirely preventable, and the number of victims has increased several times and hit 700,000 here in the UK.

Equifax shares have plunged in the wake of the breach, and as time goes on, more and more concerning revelations appear to be coming out of the woodwork.

Our Equifax data leak compensation action

As soon as news broke of the Equifax data leak, we launched our compensation action when victims approached us for help, and we now we act for a number of people claiming on a No Win, No Fee basis.

Because the Equifax data leak was entirely preventable and happened because of a failure to patch a known security vulnerability, and the continued failure by Equifax to identify the ongoing issues, we’re confident we can win data breach compensation claims against them.

The added pressure from the increasing legal challenges they face may serve to demonstrate why organisations need to do more to protect the data they hold. Aside from the concerns caused to the victims, and the financial losses they may suffer, organisations should take heed of the fact that there can be a huge amount of probes and investigations when they are at the centre of a huge data breach.

If you have yet to join our Equifax compensation action, please contact the team for help and assistance.

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