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We are representing people claiming in an NHS Digital compensation action we have initiated for victims of the recent NHS data breach.

Some 150,000 patients who had registered for the “type 2 opt-out” of their data being shared from their GP using the SystemOne application were subject to a coding error that resulted in their opt-out not being honoured. As such, their private and sensitive medical data that they had specifically opted out for being shared with NHS Digital was in fact shared because the coding error resulted in the opt-out notification not being referred to NHS Digital.

This was an entirely avoidable incident which is why we have launched NHS Digital compensation cases for those who have been affected and have contacted us asking for our help and representation.

NHS Digital compensation advice

If you have been informed that you have been affected by this issue, and you wish to know more about your rights for making an NHS Digital compensation claim, you can contact our team for free advice on an entirely no obligation basis.

Whether you wish to claim as a victim of the NHS Digital data breach is of course entirely your choice, but if you are unhappy that your personal and sensitive medical information has been shared against your specific instructions, you may be eligible to make a claim.

How would an NHS Digital compensation claim work?

Like any other data controller, the NHS has an important duty to make sure that your rights to privacy are respected. This is incredibly important when it comes to medical information because it is often incredibly personal and very sensitive.

The fact that this happened as a result of a coding error means that this breach was avoidable. For those reasons, those reasonable for the breach must be held to account.

In a statement, Clinical Director at TPP (the GP system supplier), Dr John Parry, said:

“TPP and NHS Digital have worked together to resolve this problem swiftly. The privacy of patient data is a key priority for TPP, and we continually make improvements to our system to ensure that patients have optimum control over information. In light of this, TPP apologises unreservedly for its role in this issue.”

Are you eligible for NHS Digital compensation?

If you have been contacted to confirm that your yype 2 op-out was not honoured, you may be eligible claim in the NHS Digital compensation action.

Please contact the team for further help and assistance.

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First published by Author on August 28, 2018
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