Fraudsters accessing your computer from data breaches: a real threat
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Fraudsters accessing your computer from data breaches: a real threat

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In our digital age, cybercriminals are constantly seeking new methods of stealing and misusing information, typically for their own financial gain. Your private data can be a key tool for criminals, as it can give them a direct route via which to target you. As a result, when your personal information is exposed, it can lead to fraudsters accessing your computer and your private accounts in some cases.

As cybercrime continues to grow, it is vital that third-party data controllers do all they can to protect the personal information which they store and process. From local councils to huge corporations, many kinds of organisations hold extensive personal information, and all must abide by data protection law to ensure it stays safe. Unfortunately, we still do not see satisfactory data protection across the board.

No one should have to contend with fraudsters’ deceitful tactics. If your data falls into the hands of criminals as a result of a third-party data breach, you could be entitled to claim compensation. The law is there to allow you to assert your rights in such situations, and our expert team of lawyers can help you to do so.

Fraudsters accessing your computer – another form of data misuse

There are a range of methods that fraudsters can use to take advantage of stolen information, many of which relate to the use of contact details as a means of targeting victims with fraudulent communication. Scam emails and calls can come in many forms, but one more increasingly common method involves fraudsters accessing your computer.

To cite one example, it was reported by Cleveland Police that residents of the area are understood to have lost thousands of pounds through a computer service scam. Fraudsters are said to have contacted unsuspecting residents claiming that there is an issue with their computer that can be repaired, requesting a payment to do so. In certain cases, fraudsters have also requested remote access to the victims’ computers, enabling them to harvest further private information, such as bank account login details.

Linking fraud to data breaches

Unfortunately, if you have been affected by a data breach, you will likely be at increased risk of fraudsters accessing your computer or your bank accounts. Exposed personal details are often circulated by cybercriminals on the dark web, equipping fraudsters with easy targets.

People who had been affected by the TalkTalk data breach who are claiming compensation had been contacted by fraudsters who tried to access their computers. They used personal details which may have come from the breach to convince people that they were TalkTalk employees who needed to access their home computers to resolve real problems customers were facing. Instead, they used this as the gateway to steal thousands of pounds.

Protecting yourself from fraudsters

The threat of fraudsters accessing your computer is something you must be vigilant about. Whilst these fraudsters may claim to be from legitimate companies, it is not common for a reputable organisation to request remote access to your computer. It is important to remain aware of such risks and dismiss any fraudulent communication to this effect.

As well as being vigilant of any fraudulent communication, you can take action after a data breach by making a compensation claim. As part of your claim, you could recover compensation for any distress and financial losses resulting from the data breach, which means that the impact of fraud can be accounted for.

At Your Lawyers – t/a The Data Leak Lawyers – we are currently leading a number of group actions for clients who may have been affected by fraud following a data breach. Eligible claimants could pursue claims against companies such as Virgin Media, British Airways and TalkTalk via our group cases. We can also offer free, no-obligation advice to anyone who has been affected by data exposure.

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Your privacy is extremely important to us. Information on how we handle your data is in our Privacy Policy

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