Sensitive police data leaks: right to claim compensation
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Sensitive police data leaks: right to claim compensation

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Sensitive police data leaks can cause significant distress to the victims who lose control over their personal information, and No Win, No Fee claims for compensation can be pursued.

Your Lawyers, as leading, specialist Data Leak Lawyers, are used to representing victims of police data breach cases. No one is above the law, and victims who have suffered due to the misuse or exposure of personal information involving the police can be entitled to pursue legal action.

Do not be afraid of having to go up against the police. We are here for you to fight your corner for the case!

Claim compensation for sensitive police data leaks

You could be eligible to claim compensation for sensitive police data leaks. The police store and process a great deal of personal and sensitive information, so if this is ever misused or exposed, the impact on the victim can be substantial.

In some of the worst cases, we could be talking about incredibly personal details about what a victim has gone through in a crime, or alleged crime under investigation. There may be medical data used as part of inquiries, including DNA samples and identification documents that could also be exploited in the wrong hands. Contact information alone could put people at risk if it falls into the hands of criminals, especially if it is for witnesses or victims of crime whose identities are meant to remain hidden.

This is why it is essential that the police in the UK have incredibly robust cybersecurity defences in place. In addition, there is a clear need for information to be encrypted and strictly controlled to avoid accidetnal leaks by email or from devices during data transfer. Data access must be strictly monitored and regulated to ensure that staff do not abuse their right of access to snoop on personal information, which is a problem that has occurred on several occasions over the last few years.

The GDPR entitles us to have control over the use of our personal information. If we lose that control due to the negligence of someone else, that is where the GDPR can entitle us to receive compensation. In most legal cases, victims can be eligible to receive compensation for any distress caused by the loss of control of personal information. You do not need to have lost money or paid money out to be able to pursue a case.

Police computer data breach – No Win, No Fee representation

For eligible clients, we are always happy to be able to offer No Win, No Fee legal representation when it comes to breaches of privacy. Given how sensitive police data leaks can be, we will always try to work this way if we can so that our clients can access the justice that they deserve.

We do not think it is fair for people to have to pay privately for a case when they have a real chance of being able to succeed with it. We can carefully risk assess the potential claim and, if we think there is a good chance of succeeding with the case, we can work on the basis that we can write off our legal fees if the case does not succeed, subject to the agreed terms and conditions in place.

It really is as simple as that.

A recent example: North Wales Police

In a recent example of sensitive police data leaks in the media, the Shropshire Star reported that a temporary worker who had been employed as a disclosure clerk by North Wales Police was involved in a security breach.

According to the media reports, the clerk had accessed information she was not supposed to for the benefit of someone she was in a relationship with. The incident was uncovered in 2020 when, alarmingly, photographs of data on the police management system were located during an arrest.

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