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How Equifax data breach UK compensation works

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Want to know how the Equifax data breach UK compensation works? Don’t ignore your rights just because their parent company is a US one!

Victims in the UK can claim for Equifax data breach compensation within the jurisdiction we operate in, which is England and Wales. We understand how there may be some confusion over whether a UK data breach victim can claim against a US company, but your claim should be with the UK arm.

For information about our Equifax data breach compensation action launched last year, click here. For more information about your rights to claim in the UK, read on.

How is Equifax data breach UK compensation valid?

Equifax data breach UK compensation is valid, and the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has highlighted this in their recent reports. Although we knew already we could claim in the UK, which is why we launched our legal action last year.

Data for the UK was controlled by Equifax Limited, who are the UK arm. Their parent company is the US-based Equifax Inc.

Equifax Limited had been processing data and transferring it to their parent company in the US for various checks. As the processor, the UK Equifax Limited arm has been found to have failed to take appropriate measures to prevent unauthorised and unlawful processing of the UK data.

In addition, UK data has been held in the US for longer than it should have been. The operation for the checks that had been carried out in the US since 2011 was actually moved to the UK in 2016. The UK data that had previously been processed in the US was not deleted when it should have been, meaning it was left in the US for longer than it should have been.

This process of moving and deleting the data (which they failed to do) has been deemed as insufficient by the UCO. It’s the UK-based Equifax Limited who are held responsible for this.

What this means for Equifax data breach UK victims

What this means for the Equifax data breach UK victims is that they can claim within the jurisdiction of England and Wales. Scotland and Northern Ireland have different jurisdictions, meaning we cannot assist in those cases.

The blame for the almost 15m records for the approximate 700,000 UK victims has been placed on the UK-based Equifax Limited; and rightly so.

Therefore, Equifax data breach UK victims are completely entitled to claim here as opposed to worrying about claiming in the US.

For more information about the legal action we’ve launched, click here now.

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First published by Matthew on October 02, 2018
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