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Compensation for British Airways Fraud risks

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Compensation for British Airways fraud risks forms as part of the legal action we’ve launched following the recent breach.

In the first half of 2018 alone, some £500m has already been stolen from Britons by fraudsters. The risks victims of data breaches are at after an incident can be monumental. The victims of the British Airways data breach have been at an immediate risk of fraud for several weeks. Full card numbers and personal information was hacked in the incident.

Victims can claim compensation for British Airways fraud risks, and claim for any money lost through fraud as well.

Claiming compensation for British Airways fraud risks

You can claim data breach compensation for the British Airways fraud risks you have been exposed to. With full card numbers, expiry dates and security (CVV) codes being compromised, victims have been at an imminent risk of fraud.

If you were lucky to avoid any fraudulent activity leading to financial loss, you can still claim for the exposure of your personal information. You can claim for the misuse of your private information, the loss of control of your private information and the distress caused.

Being at an immediate risk of losing your hard-earned savings can be incredibly concerning. Victims can be eligible to claim compensation for the distress caused.

Recovering losses for successful British Airways fraud incidents

If you have lost money through a British Airways fraud incident, we can help.

With some £500m already being lost to fraudsters in the first half of this year alone, the British Airways data breach incident may well have contributed to the second half damage.

British Airways have already said that they will ensure that no victim of the breach is left out-of-pocket. Victims can claim for the distress as well as any financial losses as part of our legal action.

No Win, No Fee British Airways fraud compensation

We can represent you on a No Win, No Fee basis for you British Airways fraud compensation case.

Whether you need to claim for the distress alone, or financial losses as well, we’ve launched a No Win, No fee case.

Find out more and start your claim today here.


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