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Is enough being done to protect against retail data breaches?

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Is enough being done to protect against retail data breaches?

If you look at some of the recent big data breaches involving the likes of Facebook and retailer Under Armour, the impact on them as a businesses has been comparatively small.

People still use Facebook, and people still use Under Armour products, with the latter seeing only a small drop in share value, according to reports. People still need (or want) to use the services that are at the centre of big data breaches, so we need to look at making sure that appropriate punishments are issued to stop retail data breaches happening again.

What can be done to stop retail data breaches?

A lot – the new GDPR coming into force this month will allow for bigger financial punishments for data breach offenders, and it’s also increasing the burden in terms of protection. But these are new measures, and so big organisations guilty of past data breaches (like TalkTalk) have escaped with a relatively lower burden in terms of a financial cost.

What can retail data breach victims do?

Victims of a retail data breach can claim for data breach compensation. Depending on the nature of the data that has been breached can depend on whether it’s something that we can assist a victim with.

Victims of a retail data breach have rights, which is important to remember. This avenue for justice is not only useful for the victims who can claim the compensation they deserve, but it call also serve to increase the financial punishment on the data breach offender, which is a good thing when we live in an age where data protection still isn’t taken as seriously at it could be.

How does a retail data breach compensation claim work?

You have rights to claim for any distress and financial loss caused. We can offer our services on a No Win, No Fee basis which is great for victims to be able to safely claim without the worry of huge expenses if the claim loses.

The new GDPR and the fact that victims have a right to make a data breach claim means there is more we can do to punish retail data breach offenders. We must ensure that the powers available are used to push for a far safer world in terms of data protection and cybersecurity.

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First published by Author on May 17, 2018
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