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The scary revelations over the information exposed in the Equifax data breach

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The scary revelations over the information exposed in the Equifax data breach has come to light.

Not only has it transpired that the Equifax data breach was far worse than originally thought in terms of numbers of people affected, but the full extent of what has been breached – and what volumes are involved – has also now been identified.

It makes for scary reading to see the extent to the personal and sensitive information that has been exposed by the Equifax data breach scandal.

The number of victims has grown exponentially since news of the breach first broke, and now we are finding out the full extent about what information was exposed in the Equifax data breach scandal.

According to information released from Equifax, the amount of information exposed is worrisome:

  • Names and Dates of birth: over 146 million;
  • Addresses: over 100 million;
  • Genders: over 27 million;
  • Phone numbers: over 20 million;
  • Drivers’ license information: 17.6 million;
  • Email Addresses: 1.8 million.

Data like driving licence information could be serious in terms of fraud or identity theft by itself, but combinations of the data exposed above can lead to a person falling victim to crimes of fraud as well. The volume of the information exposed is huge, making this one of the worse data breach sandals in history.

What can victims of the Equifax data breach do?

Victims of the Equifax data breach scandal may be entitled to claim for compensation with us.

We are representing a number of victims who are claiming on a No Win, No Fee basis having been affected by the Equifax data breach, as we believe people whose information has been exposed should be entitled to fair justice for what has happened.

The Equifax data breach was entirely preventable given that hackers were able to exploit a known vulnerability which Equifax failed to patch, and failed to identify given that the vulnerability existed for a number of months. We believe that Equifax should be held liable to compensate victims for the breach, so if you have been affected and you have yet to sign up to our Claimant Group, please feel free to contact the team for assistance.


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First published by Author on May 18, 2018
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