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In the modern digital world, it is rare that companies rely solely on their own internal IT capabilities to operate their computers and networks, instead engaging the services of IT companies to help them set up effective digital systems and often to provide good security for these systems. Even companies hired for the specific purpose of cybersecurity can neglect vulnerabilities. If this happens, an IT security company data breach may occur.

The element of third-party security risks can be one that companies overlook, but no data controller can evade its ultimate responsibility for a data breach. Whether the incident occurred due to a third-party provider or the company itself, those affected by data breaches could be eligible to claim compensation for any harm caused.

IT security companies and third-party data breaches

Even today there are many companies that do not have sufficient control over, or understanding of, the risks when it comes to the third-party partners that could remotely access their systems. IT security providers are not exempt from the risk of third-party data breaches, and can pose an even greater problem to companies, given that they are often granted extensive access to their IT systems.

One example of an IT security company data breach is the Greater Manchester Police data breach, in which sensitive information, including the details of sexual assault victims, was left accessible online on the website of an external IT provider. The unnamed overseas company had allowed the information to be accessed without a password, and another contractor reportedly uploaded the data to a test system.

Claiming compensation for an IT security company data breach

Some victims may believe that an IT security company data breach is harder to claim compensation for, but we can confirm that this is not the case. Regardless of which party made the mistake, data protection law may still have been breached, which could mean that you are within your rights to claim compensation.

In any data breach claim, victims could be eligible to claim compensation for the distress they have faced as a result, as well as for any losses or expenses that may have been incurred, where this is relevant. For example, your exposed data may have fallen into the hands of cybercriminals, who could use it to target you with various types of scams, which could in turn result in fraud.

Make your claim with expert Data Leak Lawyers

As leading specialists in data breach claims, Your Lawyers – The Data Leak Lawyers – have tackled a wide range of data breaches emerging from a variety of different circumstances. Whether you have been affected by a cybersecurity incident as a customer, or by a data protection breach at work, UK law can allow you to claim compensation for any harm caused.

If you have been affected by an IT security company data breach, we have the expertise to help you win the compensation you deserve. We may be able to offer you No Win, No Fee representation, protecting you from upfront costs and from losing money if your claim is unsuccessful, subject to the terms and conditions agreed.

To receive free, no-obligation advice on your potential compensation claim, contact our specialist team today to discuss your eligibility.

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