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Lancaster University cyber-attack highlights education sector defence needs

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The recent Lancaster University cyber-attack highlights the need for better defence in the educational sector, as this isn’t the first time a successful attack has taken place that involves a university.

As well as being able to represent anyone affected by the Lancaster incident, we’ve been representing victims of the Greenwich University cyber-attack incident from a few years ago. There have also been cases of other higher education organisations being hit by attacks as well, including Oxford University and Warwick.

As well as highlighting the needs for better defence, we must also make sure that victims of successful data breach incidents know what they can do as well.

Lancaster University cyber-attack highlights need for defence

On the face of it, the Lancaster University cyber-attack incident highlights the importance of solid cybersecurity in the higher education sector.

Some of the information that was potentially exposed in the Lancaster incident included student records, and this may have included identification documentation. In the wrong hands, that kind of information could leave people at risk of fraud and identity theft, which is are serious crimes.

Personal information was also potentially exposed, and this alone can be a cause for distress for affected students.

A cause for concern

With the Lancaster University cyber-attack fresh in the press, there have been some experts who have voiced their concerns with regards to higher education sector being a huge target for hackers and criminals.

Universities store and process a significant volume of personal and sensitive information. This can include financial, medical and domestic information about students and staff. It can also include research information that may be of interest to foreign powers.

In short, they’re a huge target. Simple ransomware efforts like the 2017 WannaCry one that could get into poorly secured networks could cause havoc for the sector. And there are many doors that could be broken down as remote learning is used more and more.

Advice for victims of the Lancaster University cyber-attack

If you were a victim of the Lancaster University data breach, you may be eligible to make a claim for data breach compensation on a No Win, No Fee basis.

Make sure you check out the advice page here for more details about eligibility and how a legal case works.

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First published by Matthew on August 02, 2019
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