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Public sector hacks continue to be a worry

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Public sector hacks remain one of the more worrying aspects of worldwide data protection issues, and we can tell you from experience that these woes apply here in the UK.

We say this a lot, but the simple fact of the matter is that it’s a worrying truth. One of the most common types of compensation claims we deal with here at the Data Leak Lawyers involve public sector organisations. The most common are medical data breach claims and council data protection cases.

Yet again, we’re hearing the experts voice their concerns when it comes to public sector data protection problems, and it’s important for people to know what to do when their information it misused or exposed.

More concerns raised over public sector hacks

Once again, experts have raised concerns when it comes to public sector hacks. A recent study we’ve heard about suggested that many security specialists believe that many hackers will manage to break into networks almost every time they try when they use sophisticated techniques.

And with hacking techniques getting more and more sophisticated, and a lack of development in defence for public sector organisations, this isn’t surprising.

Phishing remains one of the more common problems that can lead to successful data breach incidents. Another cited concern is issues over higher and privileged access, which is thought to be too mismanaged.

There’s simply too much access and too little focus on data protection, and a lack of preparedness for dealing with attacks can result in successful breaches.

We see this all the time…

We really do take on large volumes of council data breach compensation claims and cases involving medical data and the healthcare sector as well.

Public sector hacks are in the news all the time as well, and we often cover them.

News of ongoing concerns doesn’t surprise us, but that the same time, it hammers home that real changes need to be made if our data is to be safe and secure with the likes of local authorities and the NHS. We know that the root of the problem is likely down to funding, so it’s up to the governed to ensure the budgets for proper defence are in place.

What can victims of public sector hacks do?

In this age of continual concern, it’s important to know what the victims of public sector hacks can do if their data is ever misused or exposed.

In an ideal world, we wouldn’t need to have to take action. But where data is exposed or misused, victims can be entitled to make a claim for data breach compensation.

The distress that can be caused over the loss of control of incredibly personal and sensitive data which is often held by public sector bodies can be significant. That’s why data breach compensation pay-outs in these kinds of cases can be high.

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