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Misuse of police computer systems a cause for concern

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The misuse of police computer systems is a cause for concern, and it’s understood that the Police in England and Wales are having to deal with a number of internal disciplinaries over the issue.

Incidents include staff and police accessing databases to look at information improperly, and even cases where information is reportedly being passed to criminals. When you consider that the police are responsible for processing and storing a wealth of potentially personal and sensitive information about millions of people, the impact for the victim of data misuse or exposure can be significant.

Victims do have rights and can be eligible to make a claim for data breach compensation. No one is above the law, and all organisations – including the police – must abide by important data protection rules.

Misuse of police computer systems

The misuse of police computer systems is an issue that’s understood to affect police officers and employees. Some staff have been improperly accessing the Police National Computer to look at information about family, friends, partners, colleagues and neighbours.

In more sinister cases, there have been worrying reports of information being passed on to criminals as well.

Internal disciplinary action is said to have taken place in dozens of cases. It’s an issue that certainly needs to be dealt with to stop the loss of control of personal information.

Why this is incredibly concerning

It probably goes without saying, but the issue of the misuse of police computer systems is incredibly concerning.

We trust the police to protect the wealth of personal and sensitive data that they hold. Some of that data could even jeopardise people’s safety, but it’s also worrying to think that officers or employees would misuse the dates they can access to spy on the private lives of people they know.

Data in the wrong hands can cause serious distress for the victims, but in the hands of criminals, it can become a matter of personal safety.

What can victims of the misuse of police computer systems do?

The victims whose information is improperly accessed or exposed as a result of the misuse of police computer systems may be entitled to make a claim for data breach compensation.

The victims should be informed by the police if it’s discovered that their data has been misused or exposed. In the same way that victims of NHS medical records snooping can claim, so can victims of police data breach cases as well.

Given how personal and sensitive the data that the police holds is, data breach compensation amounts can be high in these kinds of cases.

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First published by Matthew on June 26, 2019
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