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South Gloucestershire Council data breach incidents

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There has reportedly been an increase in South Gloucestershire Council data breach incidents when compared with previous statistics.

It’s understood that there were 184 security breaches last year, which was an increase of 46% from the previous year. Although this sounds like worrying news, the authority has reportedly confirmed that the increase is due to a greater awareness for reporting. With the introduction of GDPR last year, there have been huge increases in breaches being reported as knowledge of data laws and responsibilities has grown exponentially.

That being said, data breaches remain a serious problem, and when it comes to council data breach cases, the impact for the victims can be severe.

Increasing reports of South Gloucestershire Council data breach incidents

The increase in the number of reported South Gloucestershire Council data breach incidents appears to be consistent with the introduction of GDPR. Reporting in many sectors and organisations has increased significantly as a result of greater awareness, and the local authority is said to be focusing on further improvements.

There were some incidents that have been classed as serious and were reported to the UK’s data watchdog, the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). One is understood to have involved a third-party contractor who reportedly accessed and shared personal information without authority, and was subsequently dismissed for their actions. A second incident is understood to have involved the accidental sharing of highly sensitive information.

Why council data breaches are often serious

We take on a large volume of council data breach compensation claims as they can be incredibly common.

Incidents can also be serious, like the two South Gloucestershire Council data breach incidents referenced above.

What we must remember is that councils and local authorities hold a great deal of personal and sensitive information about a lot of people. Any security breach could lead to millions of people’s personal and sensitive information being leaked, and this can include:

  • Personal and contact information;
  • Financial data for council tax and / or benefit reasons;
  • Medical information for similar reasons to the above;
  • Data about sensitive domestic situations.

The leak or misuse of any of this kind of information can have a significant impact on the victims. That’s why data breach compensation amounts for these types of cases can often be high.

What can you do as the victim of an incident?

It’s encouraging to see that the increase in South Gloucestershire Council data breach incidents appears to be down to better knowledge and better reporting. It’s also good to hear local authorities pledging to continually monitor and improve their data practices.

However, if you are the victim of a council data breach, you may be able to make a claim for compensation.

Make sure you check in with our team for some free, no-obligation advice about your options.

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First published by Matthew on July 01, 2019
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