NHS IT Supplier Cyberattack – Ransom Demanded
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NHS IT Supplier Cyberattack – Ransom Demanded

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There was a major NHS IT supplier cyberattack that impacted the majority of 111 outsourced systems last month, with incredibly personal and sensitive information reportedly held for ransom.

It was reported that the cybercriminals demanded a ransom on the threat of leaking medical information which could reportedly have affected millions of people.

We know that hackers target the healthcare sector, so it is not surprising to have seen that this incident has occurred. That being said, given how personal and sensitive information is in the healthcare sector, we expect cybersecurity to prevent these kinds of incidents being successful.

About the NHS IT supplier cyberattack

Media reports covered that there was a major NHS IT supplier cyberattack affecting IT firm Advanced who supply the vast majority of NHS 111 services. The service itself was taken down with call agents being forced to use pen and paper in response to the cyberattack, and it is understood that hackers behind the incident demanded a ransom.

It is quite common for hackers to hold organisations to ransom for huge sums of money where they will threaten to release or expose information or keep it locked down until their demands are met. As we have seen in this incident, this can cripple organisations who are forced to shut down systems and servers. When it comes to our public health service, the impact can be substantial. Ultimately, when we are relying on the NHS to look after us in our time of need, but they are unable to do so as a result of a cyberattack, our health is at risk.

The NHS IT supplier cyberattack is a matter being investigated by the usual major authorities.

The healthcare sector: a major target

Given that healthcare information is some of the most private and sensitive that there is, it is not uncommon for hackers to demand ransoms on the threat of exposing such information. If they have the power to potentially leak the data for millions of patients – information that is incredibly personal and sensitive medical data – the impact could be monumental. They know this, which is exactly why they issue their ransom demands in the hope that they will be paid what they ask for in order to stop information being exposed.

This is why the healthcare sector continues to be a major target for cybercriminals who know that they can make huge sums of money by holding organisations to ransom. They can also make a lot of money simply by selling the information on that they have, given how personal and sensitive it is. Ultimately, in the wrong hands, this kind of information can be incredibly valuable to criminals to commit fraud and theft.

Anyone whose personal information has been misused or exposed as a result of a healthcare hack, or NHS IT Supplier cyberattacks such as this, could be entitled to claim compensation. The GDPR can entitle victims of a data breach to recover damages for any distress that has been caused by the loss of control of personal information.

Given the nature of the information in question here, the distress that victims can suffer from can be substantial. This is why we are able to take on compensation claims on a No Win, No Fee basis for eligible claimants

NHS cyberattacks growing since 2020

Incidents of NHS cyberattacks appear to have been growing since 2020, with much of the blame laid on the coronavirus pandemic that started in the same year. As a result of the increased strain and pressure on the healthcare service during this difficult time, and in an era where our public health service is facing resource problems, hackers are looking to take advantage.

As we said above, the healthcare sector has been a target for a long time anyway. When criminals know that their target is weaker, that is when they can strike, knowing that they may be able to succeed in their efforts.

It is essential that the government steps in and does more to help our healthcare service and protect it with everything in its power.

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