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Private health sector data breaches on the rise

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Are private health sector data breaches on the rise? With more and more people opting for private healthcare, this may be the case.

Although the overall healthcare sector has long led the way in terms of volumes of breaches, the private health sector has its problems as well. Cyber criminals have been known to specifically target the private health sector. These companies hold a wealth of financial and medical data about us, and these companies are often very wealthy themselves.

They can make for huge targets for ransomware attacks.

Are private health sector data breaches on the rise?

The question ‘are private health sector data breaches on the rise’ can be an easy one to answer. With many companies offering private healthcare, and with the rise of cosmetic procedures, it appears they’re on the rise.

With the healthcare sector already leading the way and seeing rises across the board, the private health sector is already a part of this.

The specific problem we have with the private sector is that they can be targeted for their wealth of data as much as the wealth of the organisation itself. Cyber criminals do price their ransoms in terms of affordability, so they can maximise their return. When you have a big private healthcare organisation with a lot of money, the temptation to pay and avoid a controversy can be the more affordable option.

The rise in cosmetic procedures has likely also played a part.

With private health sector data breaches on the rise, how do you protect yourself?

In terms of cosmetic procedures, you do have to be careful. The cosmetic industry isn’t regulated as well as it should be in my view, so issues over a company paying you compensation and having insurance is a concern.

Our lawyers also specialise in group action cases, and we had this issue with the PIP Breast Implant scandal. A lot of clinics weren’t insured and went into liquidation, leaving victims without a penny to claim.

With private health sector data breaches on the rise, people opting for cosmetic procedures need to be careful. A lot of your personal, financial and medical information is in the hands of the private organisations. You need to be confident that it’s protected.

What to do if you’ve suffered a private health sector data breach

If you’ve suffered a data breach in the private health sector, we can help. Our lawyers specialise in claims for data breach compensation. Medical data breaches are a common type of case our lawyers help people for.

We life No Win, No Fee protection for private health sector data breach cases as well.

With the likelihood of private health sector data breaches on the rise, victims need to know their rights. You can contact our team for free, no-obligation advice today.

We’re here to help. Never worry about going up against a huge private healthcare corporation. Our lawyers have your back!

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First published by Author on November 22, 2018
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