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The Ticketmaster data breach UK legal action has been well underway for a number of months now. If you’ve yet to join and need more info, speak to us today.

As soon as the news of the Ticketmaster data breach hit the press, we launched our legal action for justice. We now act for a group of victims claiming for data breach compensation. We consider that the prospects of winning the legal action are good, which is why we’re offering No Win, No Fee representation.

The Ticketmaster data breach was an avoidable incident that has left a huge number of victims suffering. Our lawyers are fighting for justice right now.

About the Ticketmaster data breach UK legal action

The Ticketmaster data breach UK legal action stems from the massive breach that took place earlier this year.

Tens of thousands who used the Ticketmaster service between February and June 2018 may have been affected.

We launched our legal action once news of the breach hit the headlines, and we’ve been taking cases on ever since. Our formal Letter of Claim was sent in July this year, within a month of the breach hitting the headlines.

Why will we can win the Ticketmaster data breach UK legal case

Hackers were able to exploit weaknesses in third-party coding that Ticketmaster was using as part of their payment process. The authors of the code that was hacked, Inbenta, say they had no knowledge that Ticketmaster were using their code for this purpose. They said that, had they have known, they would have advised against it on security grounds.

Not only is this a key factor in why the Ticketmaster data breach UK legal case can win, but there’s also the issue of prior warning. A bank who were dealing with a number of fraudulent issues noticed a trend in that many victims had recently used Ticketmaster. They contacted Ticketmaster who allegedly investigated the claims in April but found no evidence of a breach (apparently).

It appears that their investigation failed to identify the vulnerability. Not only that, but the vulnerability shouldn’t have been there in the first place.

Joining the UK legal action we’ve launched

The hackers reportedly responsible for the Ticketmaster data breach are also those behind the massive British Airways data breach, and the Newegg data breach. These are actions we’re also dealing with.

Signing up for a claim with us means being represented by specialist data breach lawyers who are fighting in over 20 different data breach actions.

To join the Ticketmaster data breach UK fight for justice, sign-up today.

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