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Bounty data breach compensation advice


If you’ve yet to start your claim for Bounty data breach compensation, make sure you take a look at this important advice about your rights.

The parenting advice website was fined by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) in the wake of substantial data protection failures. The information for millions of people was illegally shared, and the fallout has been substantial.

In fact, just last week, East & North Herts NHS Trust announced that there will be no more ‘Bounty Ladies’ on the maternity wards of Lister Hospital. This is on top of the £400,000.00 fine and the compensation claims being taken forward against them.

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Bounty data breach leads to huge ICO fine


The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has issued a fine of £400,000.00 having concluded their investigations into the significant Bounty data breach.

We’ve already been contacted for help and taken claims for data breach compensation forward on a No Win, No Fee basis since news of the fine broke in the media. As many as 14 million individuals may have had their personal data shared, including new mothers and infants by extension.

The ICO has established that Bounty failed to properly inform users that their data would be shared for marketing purposes. The findings also confirmed that no one was able to give proper and informed consent as well.

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