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domestic abuse data breach
December 19, 2019

Social Care records data breach

If you have been the victim of a social care records data breach, you may be entitled to make a claim for compensation with us on a No Win, No Fee basis.

One of the most common types of individual legal cases that we represent people for involve councils, and a large volume of them relate to social care information. Social care data can be incredibly personal and sensitive which is why we find that data breach compensation pay-outs for these kinds of incidents can be quite high.

Victims should always know their rights. An apology isn’t always enough, especially when the data that has been exposed or misused is sensitive, which can often be the case when it comes to social care data.

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council data protection breach claim government data leaks
November 27, 2019

Government data breaches are serious, and here’s why

Government data breaches can be incredibly serious, and when you look at why, it’s obvious. Victims of these kinds of data breaches should know their rights for justice as well, and this goes for both national and local government organisations.

I heard recently that a survey suggested that some IT bosses in the public sector consider that the data they hold is not as valuable as data in the private sector. Clearly, some of these individuals do not grasp the gravity of the extent of data that’s stored and processed by public sector organisations and would do well to consider this.

Given the nature of the data that they hold, and for how many people, any breach, leak or hack can be serious.

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new report uncovers councils lack of cybersecurity systems
November 06, 2019

Public sector data leaks: advice for victims

Public sector data leaks are one of the most common types when it comes to data breach compensation claims that we represent people for.

With this in mind, we wanted to make sure that victims of such data leaks know their rights. It can sometimes be confusing when you look at what you can do when it’s not a private organisation with insurance; but rest assured, the law is on your side.

As a firm of lawyers who have been specialising in data leak cases for a number of years, we can help and advise you. Thousands of people have asked us for our expert help, and our lawyers are involved with dozens of different data breach group and multi-party actions for a reason; many of which involve public sector data leaks.

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email breach
November 05, 2019

Another West Berkshire Council data breach

There has been another West Berkshire Council data breach, and it again involves an email being sent to people that has leaked the information for the recipients.

Just a few weeks ago, we covered a breach from the same council which saw an email sent to around 30 people where the “BCC” function wasn’t used. In this more recent event, it’s another case where the “BCC” function wasn’t used, but this time, it’s understood to have affected over a thousand people.

The long and short of the issue is that council data breach compensation claims are incredibly common because of how easily these events occur. But these incidents are completely preventable, and the fact that there has been two from the same council in the space of just a few weeks is alarming.

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letter is sent to the wrong address
September 27, 2019

Isle Of Wight Council Data Breach Involving Tax Letters

An Isle of Wight Council data breach has arisen where the local authority reportedly sent other people’s information out to residents in dozens of council tax letters.

This appears to be yet another simple data leak that has taken place that involves a local authority. Councils hold a wealth of personal and sensitive data about a huge number of people, and their duty to safeguard it is incredibly important.

We represent many people making claims for council data breach compensation because of how common incidents can be. We’re therefore not surprised by this latest breach, but it’s still very worrying to hear about it; especially now we have GDPR in place that has put data protection in the limelight.

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domestic abuse data breach
September 23, 2019

NHS Medical Records Exposed in Milton Keynes Scandal

We deal with a lot of cases that involve NHS medical records exposed in various ways, but this has to be the one of the most worrying and bizarre stories we’ve ever seen.

It’s understood that 40 tightly-packed bales of partially-shredded and cut NHS medical records have been used to weigh down a sculpture in Milton Keynes town centre. It’s set to be unveiled this Thursday as part of the annual Festival of Urban Living, but it’s reported that bits of the papers used in the bales have been caught by the wind and have been blown around the area.

Some of the papers are said to have included visible personal details of medical records, including prescriptions and surgery information. This really is a serious, serious matter indeed.

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September 11, 2019

Wokingham Council data leaks in the news

Wokingham Council data leaks have hit the news again after media reports of a number of incidents where information has reportedly been sent to the wrong people.

These kinds of leaks can be awfully common, which is why a large number of the cases we take forward for people are council data breach compensation claims.

With the sheer wealth of information that councils hold, and the personal and sensitive nature of it, any leak, breach or hack can be serious.

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council email data leaks
September 03, 2019

West Berkshire Council data leak

There has been news of a West Berkshire Council data leak that appears to be another incident of accidental disclosure by email.

According to Newbury News, an investigation into the data breach has been launched, with one person who was a victim of the incident said to be “shocked” at what has happened.

A huge number of the individual cases that we take forward are for council data breach compensation claims. They can be worryingly common, and the impact for victims can be severe given that local government authorities often hold a great deal of personal and sensitive information about a lot of people.

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cyberattack compensation
August 29, 2019

Local council data breach advice

The risks when it comes to a local council data breach event are incredibly high. One of the primary types of cases that we take forward involve local government authorities and agencies, so we can tell you from experience that they’re worryingly common.

There are many reasons as to why council data breach compensation claims are so common. There are a lot of doorways to data in the public sector, and there’s a wealth of information that’s being stored and processed by local governments. The nature of the information they store and process usually covers the whole spectrum: from personal, to financial, and to medical.

Victims of a council data breach can be entitled to compensation, and it’s important that victims if an incident understand their rights.

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claim for an accidental data
August 07, 2019

Sunderland Council data breach incidents in GDPR world

Issues surrounding a number of Sunderland Council data breach incidents have hit the headlines in recent weeks, with some 170 incidents said to have been recorded.

In the GDPR era, councils and local authority agencies must take their data protection responsibilities seriously. They hold a lot of information about a lot of people, and if this is exposed, the impact on the victim can be severe.

A large volume of the individual cases we take forward are for council data breach compensation claims because of how often they can occur, and because of nature of the information that can be exposed or misused.

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