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Worrying Nuneaton and Bedworth Council data breach

Posted by Matthew on March 19, 2019 in the following categories: Council Data Employee Data Breach ICO Latest and tagged with | | | |

employee data breach

There has been a prosecution for a worrying Nuneaton and Bedworth Council data breach that’s an example of how employees can exploit the data they can access.

In this incident, former head of building control at the council, Kevin Bunsell, shared personal information about job applications with his partner. His partner had applied for the same job that the candidates whose data was shared had applied for, and she won the position.

Although we can only speculate as to the motives, we can assume that the reasons for sharing the data were to assist his partner in securing the position which she was eventually awarded.

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NHS fax data breach issue uncovered

Posted by Matthew on March 11, 2019 in the following categories: Data Healthcare Info Latest Security and tagged with | | | | |

new report uncovers councils lack of cybersecurity systems

An issue that has led to a number of NHS fax data breach incidents has been reported, after mix-ups with a similar fax number has led to information going astray.

NHS data breach compensation cases are some of the more common types of claims our expert team help people with. A lot of the data breaches are caused by such simple errors that can be easily avoided. Despite this, they happen way too frequently.

The news of the fax mix ups is another example of this and comes to light after the accidental recipients of the data contacted NHS England about the incidents.

About the NHS fax data breach issues

The NHS fax data breach issue reportedly stems from GP surgeries and pharmacies accidentally sending data to the wrong number. The number they have been sending information to in some cases belongs to a hotel group who has then been receiving the faxes incorrectly.

Some of the data that has been sent to the wrong fax number includes medication requests, certificates and dispensing vouchers.

It’s understood that the fax number for the hotel group is similar to the ones used to send information within the healthcare system. The hotel group has notified the Corporate Information Governance Team for NHS England.

What’s being done about the NHS fax data breach issue?

As a result of these NHS fax data breach issues, NHS England has reportedly reminded GP surgeries and pharmacies about the importance of checking numbers. As some have recently called for a move away from faxes and pagers within the NHS, it’s claimed that this fax system is apparently the only way of sending this data within the healthcare system.

It sounds like something needs to change.

Any medical data breach can cause a huge amount of distress to the victims. When we see these simple errors over incredibly personal and sensitive data, it’s clear to us that more needs to be done.

As a firm of lawyers who specialise in data leak cases, we know how bad a breach can be for the victim.  It’s important for these simple and avoidable data breaches are stamped out.

U-turn in Worcester GP data breach case

Posted by Matthew on March 01, 2019 in the following categories: Cybersecurity Data Healthcare ICO Latest and tagged with | | | | |

compensation advice for hospital data breaches

NHS England has ruled in an investigation into a Worcester GP data breach after previous findings suggested that the law had not been broken.

In this unusual case, the Severn Valley Medical Practice reportedly posted information online about a patient. Initially, the Practice is understood to have disputed that any data protection breach had occurred. Since then, NHS England and the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) both agree that the incident was a failure to comply with data protection obligations.

Another element that makes this case unusual is about allegations made surrounding the Data Protection Officer (DPO) who reportedly claimed there wasn’t a breach in the first place.

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Concerns raised over Anglesey Council data breach threats

Posted by Matthew on February 26, 2019 in the following categories: Council Cybersecurity and tagged with | | |

warning about employees stealing data for personal contact with customers

A recent report has highlighted concerns over the threat of an Anglesey Council data breach incident after risks were identified as part of an internal audit.

The audit results indicated a need for improvement when it comes to Anglesey Council’s IT network. At least two risks identified as “major” were also reported, and the report is said to have confirmed that there was only “reasonable assurance” that their systems were safe from potential breach incidents.

With council data breach compensation claims being one of the more common types of cases we help people with, the growing numbers of threats and actual breaches local authorities are facing is a problem that needs to be resolved.

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Greater Facebook regulation imminent

Posted by Matthew on February 18, 2019 in the following categories: Cybersecurity Data GDPR Latest Security Social Networking Technology and tagged with | | | | | |


Greater Facebook regulation is looking imminent after a year-long inquiry that included issues over the misuse of personal data.

The inquiry, launched in-part after the Cambridge Analytica scandal, comes after a spate of recent data breach incidents involving the social medial platform. The recommendations made by the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee include an independent regulator to oversee tech firms like Facebook.

It’s not been an easy process judging from the remarks of MPs and others involved with the inquiry. Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg, didn’t even come to the UK to answer questions himself, which has reportedly caused a stir.

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Mumsnet data breach

Posted by Matthew on February 11, 2019 in the following categories: Claims Security Technology and tagged with | | | | |


The Mumsnet data breach hit the news last week, with dozens of accounts reportedly affected after a software upgrade caused a leak incident.

The parenting site is said to have reported themselves to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) already. The UK’s data watchdog will now have to decide whether the incident is serious enough to warrant any form of financial punishment for the incident. The Mumsnet data breach resulted in personal information for the affected users being exposed.

Any victim of a data breach can be entitled to claim data breach compensation for any distress and financial loss caused. We see these kinds of breaches all the time, and news of new breaches doesn’t come as a surprise to us anymore.

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Serious Swansea Council data breach

Posted by Matthew on January 22, 2019 in the following categories: Claims Council Employee Data Breach and tagged with | | | |

confidential info breached

There has been a serious Swansea Council data breach that has affected vulnerable adults and children that was discovered in December 2018.

In this remarkable case, a diary was found on the side of the A48 road in Carmarthenshire. The diary contained personal and confidential information about vulnerable adults and children and is thought to belong to a Swansea Council employee.

It has yet to be determined how the diary ended up abandoned at the side of the road. What we know for certain is that proper care for sensitive data has not been upheld.

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Chelmsford City Council data breach

Posted by Matthew on January 10, 2019 in the following categories: Claims Council Cybersecurity Security Technology and tagged with | | |

yahoo data breach techcrunch q and a

The Chelmsford City Council data breach was another preventable incident of information exposure by a local authority that has affected thousands of people.

Personal information that was submitted using online forms was accidentally left visible on the website. There’s no way of knowing for sure if the information exposed was used or copied, leaving victims with a lack of closure over the incident.

More than 6,500 people that were affected by the breach have been informed  by email that their data has been exposed.

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The NASA data breach

Posted by Matthew on December 28, 2018 in the following categories: Cybersecurity Employee Data Breach Hacking News Latest Security and tagged with | | | | | |

data leak and data breach compensation

The NASA data breach is a worrying one. An agency as prolific as NASA has been hit by a cyberattack. It makes us wonder – as we often do – is anyone really safe?

Our Data Leak Lawyers are involved in over 20 different data breach actions. These range from the Equifax data breach of 2017, to the British Airways data breach of this year. These are huge hacks that affected large organisations. Each time a new one comes along, we’re a mix of surprised and unsurprised that it has happened. On the one hand, these breaches are happening all the time, but on the other, the big-name breaches are worrying.

Surely there should never be such a thing as a NASA data breach. Yet it has happened…

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Victims of Amazon data breach should take precautions

Posted by Matthew on December 11, 2018 in the following categories: Cybersecurity Data Latest Retail Scammers Technology and tagged with | | | | | | |

fingerprint access

An Amazon data breach incident took place in the lead up to the big Black Friday sales a few weeks ago.

The incident reportedly stemmed from a technical problem.

In the data protection breach, customer names and email addresses were inadvertently posted on the company’s website. They were removed upon discovery of the error, and customers affected by the data breach have been informed.

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) is said to be looking into the situation.

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