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Blackbaud data breach compensation

data breach

Having been contacted for help by victims of the Blackbaud data breach whose information was hacked, we are taking claims for compensation forward for victims on a No Win, No Fee basis.

There are thought to be over 120 organisations affected so far by the breach, including multiple universities and charities. A wealth of data was exposed in the attack which led to Blackbaud reportedly paying the ransom that was demanded by the hackers who managed to access the information.

If you have been told that you are affected by the cyberattack, we may be able to help you.

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Patient records exposed in ransomware attacks: advice


Patient records exposed in ransomware attacks can be devastating for the victims which is why the work that we do is so incredibly important for our clients.

Medical data breach compensation claims are one of the most common types of cases that we represent people for. The impact can be substantial and the pay-outs can be high, and we have plenty of years of experience in this complex and niche area of law as a leading firm of data breach lawyers.

With the sector a clear target for criminals, it’s important that the victims can access the justice that they can be entitled to.

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Have you been the victim of data theft or loss?

victim of data theft or loss

If you have been the victim of data theft or loss, you could be entitled to claim compensation and you could benefit from our No Win, No Fee legal representation.

Despite the GDPR and how much a group action compensation action could amount to, information is being misused and exposed all the time. The GDPR ought to have been a real catalyst for change yet, despite this, we’re still seeing huge numbers of incidents taking place.

The victims of a data breach have rights. Here’s some brief guidance about the rights and how we can help.

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Coronavirus contact tracing data breach worries heighten

coronavirus contact tracing data app data breach risks

Coronavirus contact tracing data breaches and general security issues are at the forefront of our minds right now. As a leading firm of data breach lawyers, we are concerned.

There are still a lot of questions over the use of the system that has already faced a great deal of controversy so far. As the UK tries to reduce the risk of coronavirus, how does contact tracing work and is my data safe? Is there any reason to be particularly concerned about how information will be used and stored with the system? Given how personal and sensitive medical data is, how real are the risks?

Unfortunately, recent media reports suggest that information misuse is already an issue. Given how common medical data breach compensation claims are, we are not surprised.

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University data leak compensation claims

university data leak

As the higher education sector becomes more and more digitalised, it’s a good time to remind people of their rights when it comes to a university data leak.

As a leading firm of data protection compensation and consumer action lawyers, we represent thousands of clients for cases. This includes for both individual claims and for large group and multi-party actions. We have represented clients for both singular and group cases for university data breaches, so we know the law and we have the experience a victim requires to fight for their rights to justice.

Here’s how we can help.

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Unsecured database compensation claims

unsecured database compensation claims

As more and more organisations rely on cloud technology and digital storage, we may see growing numbers of unsecured database compensation claims.

As a leading firm of No Win, No Fee data breach solicitors, a lot of the thousands of compensation cases we represent people for involve this kind of breach. This includes one of the more recent infamous examples, which is the Virgin Media data breach incident. This is one of the over 45 data breach group and multi-party actions we’re involved with, and it’s not an uncommon kind of event.

When we see these kinds of data breaches hit the headlines, we’re here to help the victims. The law is on your side and you could be eligible to claim damages when your information is exposed or misused due to an unsecured database.

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Compensation for e-skimming fraud and data theft

compensation for e-skimming fraud

You could be entitled to claim compensation for e-skimming fraud and data theft events with our team on a No Win, No Fee basis today.

This kind of cyberattack is a growing problem and we expect to see more events of its kind take place over the coming months and years. Some of the over 45 group and multi-party actions that we’re involved with involve such events as well.

As a leading firm of data breach and consumer action lawyers, we represent thousands of clients for cases and we may be able to help you too.

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Babylon Health data breach

Babylon Health data breach

We are concerned to hear about the Babylon Health data breach following the story hitting the headlines and our firm being approached for media comment.

The app has been used for GP video appointments and reportedly has more than 2.3 million registered users in the UK. We understand that it may be popular right now as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, and now – more than ever – we need to make use of technology to keep us all safe. That being said, information must be safe and secure, and must not be exposed. If it is, victims should know their rights.

If you have been affected by this incident, we may be able to help you.

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When debit or credit card details are exposed in a data breach

debit or credit card details are exposed

If you’ve been the victim of a data breach and your debit or credit card details are exposed, you have rights. You may be eligible to make a claim for compensation, and we may be able to help you.

A number of the group and multi-party actions that we’re fighting for justice in involve payment card information being compromised. It can lead to significant distress or the victim, as well the clear risk of fraud and theft. We’re often in the media as a ‘go-to’ name for journalists when it comes to serious data breach events and people’s rights, so this is an issue we frequently talk about.

Criminals targeting payment data is a serious and widespread problem. Victims can access the justice that they deserve, and we are here to help.

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easyJet data breach

easyJet data breach

Breaking news today: 9 million customers are thought to be affected by the significant easyJet data breach, with over 2,000 people’s credit card details stolen.

Personal information and travel data are understood to have been exposed in a “highly sophisticated” cyberattack, and victims may be at an immediate risk of fraud and scams. As experts in the niche and complex area of law of data protection negligence, we know the true extent of how dangerous information can be in the hands of criminals.

The airline could face a significant number of compensation claims, and we’re investigating the issues now. We have been contacted for media comment and have issued advice to the press in relation to fines and legal actions.

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