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Inappropriate access to medical records: advice for victims

First published by Matthew on January 15, 2020 in the following categories: Claims Employee Data Breach Healthcare and tagged with | | | | | | | |

Issues relating to inappropriate access to medical records is something we have talked about before. It’s completely wrong and can have a huge impact for the victims.

In some cases – and this is what we will look at here – unauthorised access to medical data can be a great deal more sinister than staff being curious about people they’re acquainted with. In some cases, employees have accessed information for more sinister means, where they have targeted specific individuals to pursue them for relations.

We have represented people who have been unscrupulously contacted by employees who have accessed their contact data through their employment to then engage them for relations. In these kinds of scenarios, the impact for the victim can be substantial, so it’s important to know your rights.

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Dixons Carphone data breach fine

First published by Matthew on January 10, 2020 in the following categories: Claims Cybersecurity ICO Latest Security and tagged with | | | | | | |

credit cards

The Dixons Carphone data breach fine has been formally issued by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) for the maximum amount possible under the previous rules.

The cyberattack took place between July 2017 and April 2018, meaning the Data Protection Act 1998 applies as opposed to the GDPR that came into force just a month later. As such, the maximum fine that the retailer could face was £500,000.00, which is what the ICO has issued. Had the attack have continued into the GDPR era, they could have faced fines in the hundreds of millions of pounds mark.

We’ve been representing victims of this data breach for some time now as expert data protection compensation lawyers with a wealth of experience in large consumer actions. As we know a great deal about this breach as it’s one of our live actions, we’re not surprised by the findings and the maximum fine being issued.

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Travelex cyberattack leaves customers frustrated

First published by Matthew on January 09, 2020 in the following categories: Cybersecurity Hacking News Ransomware Security and tagged with | | | | |


The Travelex cyberattack has left customers frustrated as hackers have locked down their systems and are holding the company to ransom.

We’re taking legal action for the previous Travelex incident, which stemmed from a leak of customer data. As an expert consumer law firm that specialises in data breach compensation, we’ve spoken to the media about this incident and aired our concerns that we’re seeing yet another cyberattack incident taking place; this being one of many that have hit various businesses over the last few years.

This hack may lead to customer information being leaked or sold on for money, so there’s every reason for customers to be concerned; despite assurances from Travelex.

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Hospital cyber-attacks: where the victims stand

First published by Matthew on December 31, 2019 in the following categories: Cybersecurity Hacking News Healthcare Security Technology and tagged with | | | | | | | | |


When it comes to hospital cyber-attacks, our focus is on ensuring that the victims’ voices are heard and that they have the chance for the justice that they deserve.

The threat that hospitals are facing from cybercriminals is substantial. A large volume of the individual compensation claims that we take forward are for medical data breach incidents, and many of them stem from cybersecurity events.

The 2017 WannaCry incident was perhaps one of the biggest examples that showed just how much of a target the healthcare sector really is.

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Missoma data breach

First published by Matthew on December 18, 2019 in the following categories: Claims Cybersecurity GDPR Group Action Hacking News Latest Security and tagged with | | | | | | |

credit cards

The Missoma data breach has a very familiar feel to it. In fact, it feels identical to a number of previous breaches, including compensation actions we’re involved with.

Reportedly, an email sent to customers has confirmed that a data breach has taken place and that malicious software from a third-party had been used to target customers’ payment details. It appears that malicious code has been injected into the payments part of the website in order to steal data processed through it.

Although news of the breach has only just broken, the circumstances surrounding the incident appear to be exactly the same as a number of other data breaches that have taken place in recent years as well.

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Gaming app data breaches

First published by Matthew on December 13, 2019 in the following categories: Cybersecurity Data Mobile Data Security Smartphones Social Networking Technology and tagged with | | | | | | |

council worker fined for sharing data information to social site

There has been a large volume of gaming app data breaches in recent years, and it may well be a trend that’s set to continue as these kinds of apps grow in popularity.

Gaming apps are now used by millions across the world, and there are no doubt hundreds of even thousands of them to choose from worldwide. We’ve previously discussed the issues over many apps having poor security, which recently led to Facebook closing down links with hundreds of apps due to concerns.

Ultimately, people need to be careful. Not only do people need to consider who it is that’s going to be in charge of their personal information, but they also need to consider what happens if a security breach takes place.

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Data breaches and encryption

First published by Matthew on December 12, 2019 in the following categories: Claims Cybersecurity Security Technology and tagged with | | | | | |

cybersecurity issues

Given the continually large volumes of incidents that are happening, it’s important to approach the subject of data breaches and encryption.

In some cases, leaks can happen due to human errors or system problems. Some hacks may take place because 100% effective defence is a hard thing to achieve. This doesn’t excuse an organisation when it comes to their responsibilities, but it’s important for them to understand that it’s about more than just trying to stop incidents; it’s also about preventing damage.

And that’s where encryption and even basic levels of protection is king.

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Police computer data breach advice

First published by Matthew on November 13, 2019 in the following categories: Claims Police Security and tagged with | | | | | |

police data breach claims

A victim of a police computer data breach can be entitled to make a claim for compensation for any distress or loss that’s suffered.

Ultimately, we treat a police data breach in the same was as any other. The police and their employees are not above the law, and they too must abide by the data protection laws and principles we have here in the UK. As such, any breach can lead to a victim being able to make a claim, and we can offer No Win, No Fee representation.

As experts in data breach compensation claiming, having been helping people (thousands of them!) specifically in this niche area of law for several years, we can help you.

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NHS digital technologies: should we be concerned?

First published by Matthew on November 07, 2019 in the following categories: Claims Cybersecurity Healthcare Ransomware Scammers Security Technology and tagged with | | | | | | | | | | |

compensation advice for hospital data breaches

Digitalisation is generally seen as a good thing, but in a day and age when data breaches are so common, should we be concerned when it comes to increasing use of NHS digital technologies?

Like many other industries, the growing use of technology can be great. We can reduce costs and wastage, increase efficiency, and make communication – which is vital – slick and smooth. When it comes to the healthcare industry, increasing use of technology and digitalisation could arguably save lives and improve patient care.

But with increasing digitalisation comes increasing vulnerability for technology to be exploited. Without adequate defences in place, it can be open season for criminals and fraudsters.

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Tesco Parking App Data Leak

First published by Matthew on November 01, 2019 in the following categories: Cybersecurity Data Security Technology and tagged with | | | | | |

car hacking

Last month, the Tesco parking app data leak was discovered by The Register, and it involved the exposure of tens of millions of number plate images.

It was one of those cases of information that had been accidentally left exposed, and was accessible to anyone who came across it. It was also a clear example of one of the issues we’ve been talking about lately, which is the weaknesses that come with outsourcing information services.

Your defence is only as good as your weakest link, and when there are more links in the chain that arise from outsourcing, data controllers need to be vigilant.

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