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Birmingham City Council data breach

data breach aftershocks

A report has revealed that a recent Birmingham City Council data breach incident has taken place after private information was mistakenly published online.

It is alleged that the exposed data included the details of “vulnerable children”, although this has reportedly been disputed by the local authority. The council said that a number of citizens were affected, but has yet to confirm just how many people were affected.

The Birmingham City Council data breach appears to be yet another example of the human error data breaches we have seen occur at local authorities time and time again. As advocates of data security, we believe that there is never an excuse for errors such as this, as everyone has the right to have their private data kept safe. In many cases, victims of data breaches can be eligible to claim compensation for any harm caused. This may also be a possibility for those affected by the breach at Birmingham City Council.

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East Devon Council password data leak

passwords are exposed in cyberattacks

In a serious misstep at East Devon Council, the passwords of 37 council members were reportedly exposed online to other councillors, leaving private email inboxes potentially vulnerable to unauthorised access.

The error was quickly corrected, with affected councillors resetting their passwords. However, the period of vulnerability could have caused leaks of confidential information, which is why this is a serious matter.

Despite local authorities’ important responsibility to their communities and residents, we see data breaches happening far too frequently at local councils, suggesting that many are still failing to take their data protection duties seriously. At Your Lawyers – The Data Leak Lawyers – we believe that failures when it comes to data protection law justifies legal action, as many of these local authorities need to develop more rigorous data protection measures to protect people’s information. Where they fail to do so, we are here to help.

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Revisited: the Newcastle City Council data leak

council email data leak

A big Newcastle City Council data leak occurred three years ago after the personal data of thousands of children and their adoptive parents was sent out in an accidental email attachment.

The email concerned a party invitation sent out to 77 people for the council’s adoption summer party, with the inclusion of an internal spreadsheet that should never have been seen by unauthorised eyes.

In a reason that has become all too common in recent council data leaks, human error was blamed for the incident. Indeed, as this explanation recurs and recurs, it raises questions about how much progress has been made in local government data protection. Further, in today’s turbulent times of coronavirus leading to us all having to adapt to a more remote way of working and living, what else needs to be done to rectify these issues.

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Staff information data leaks

council email data leaks

Often, the most high-profile data leaks involve customer data being leaked by a third-party organisation as, in these cases, the hit to the company’s reputation and revenue can be perceived as more significant. However, staff information data leaks can be just as costly, as they can expose extremely sensitive information related to the internal operations of a business.

In many cases, such leaks can be entirely preventable, and they may never have occurred if companies and their staff had rigidly followed data protection protocol. Nowadays, there should really be no excuse for accidents and mistakes, as the GDPR requires that any company in possession of private data follows stringent regulations.

At Your Lawyers – T/A The Data Leak Lawyers – we are a leading data compensation law firm that is here to help any staff member who has fallen victim to a data leak provoked by their own organisation. You may be entitled to claim thousands of pounds in compensation.

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Sheffield Council data breaches

claim for an accidental data

While large-scale data breaches are often the ones that hit the headlines, the reported Sheffield Council data breaches represent an example of how individual data breaches can build up and amount to significant information being exposed.

Over the course of 2019 and 2020, Sheffield City Council is understood to have recorded a total of 231 incidents, 92 of which were breaches involving personal data.

At the Your Lawyers – T/A the Data Leak Lawyers – we have been representing clients in privacy cases since 2014 as a leading firm of data breach compensation lawyers. We believe that councils must be held accountable for any inadequacies when it comes to data protection, so we are here to help you with council data breach compensation claims now.

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Well Pharmacy data breach action- still open for claimants

council email data leaks

There is still time to make a claim in the Well Pharmacy data breach action.

In 2018, Well Pharmacy, a major pharmacy chain, was responsible for leaking the details of over 24,000 staff and locum workers, after the data was accidentally included in an email.

Since the breach, The Data Leak Lawyers has been working hard to take on claims for affected employees ever since we launched legal action in early 2019. We have been working on the action for just over two years now, and our door is still open to any claimants who have yet to come forward.

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Medical data breach and the exposure of private patient information

compensation advice for hospital data breaches

A medical data breach is often serious as our medical data often represents the most personal information that we will ever entrust to a third party.

The faith we invest in medical professionals to protect this data is indicative of our confidence in their ability to care, and in the health service more generally.

However, this trust is at risk of being eroded due to the succession of medical data breaches that we have encountered, either first-hand or in the headlines, in recent years. When such breaches occur, the exposed information can be highly sensitive and, depending on the affected individual’s circumstances, can dramatically affect their mental state and/or their relationships. It is vital that the confidential doctor-patient relationship at the heart of the NHS is not damaged by a failure to prevent these exposures.

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HaveIBeenPwned and increase in hacks and incidents

new report uncovers councils lack of cybersecurity systems

The HaveIBeenPwned platform watches for breaches and can be used to check email addresses to see if an account linked to that email has been compromised in a data breach.

Over the last few months, HaveIBeenPwned has reported huge numbers of data breaches involving millions of records. This can highlight just how frequently these serious breaches are taking place, which is bad for us all.

Data breaches are becoming an increasing threat in society, particularly with the way 2020 evolved with a huge increase in people working from home due to the coronavirus pandemic. Your Lawyers (T/a The Data Leak Lawyers) are experts in the field of data breach law as a leading firm of compensation experts, and we are always keen to help victims of data breaches and fight for the justice that they deserve. We have helped thousands of victims claim millions in damages, and we may be able to help you too.

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Serious Bristol City Council data breach

council email data leaks

A serious Bristol City Council data breach has occurred, revealing the names of hundreds of disabled children as well as the email addresses for primary care providers.

A spokesperson for Bristol City Council has said that there will be staff training and improved systems and policies put into place to prevent any similar breaches from occurring in the future. We question why such measures were not already in place, and it has been suggested that the breach was the result of employee error.

We know how scary it is to have such sensitive data breached, and we can help you make a compensation claim to get you the justice you deserve.

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Our data breach solicitors: working on a No Win, No Fee basis

working on a No Win, No Fee

Our specialist data breach solicitors are working on a No Win, No Fee basis for thousands of clients whose information has been misused or exposed here in the UK.

In this article, we will outline what this means and how you can speak to our team for a free assessment today. We will also outline why we work in this way, which we believe is really important for our clients.

As a leading firm of data breach solicitors, we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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