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Are employees responsible for cybersecurity errors and data protection breaches?

prevent data breaches

In many cases, data protection breaches arise as a result of human error. A CybSafe analysis of data breaches reported to the ICO found that 90% of UK data breaches in 2019 were caused by user mistakes. The employees responsible for cybersecurity would, therefore, seem to be failing to adhere to data protection law, but there is much more to it than that.

Despite the high incidence of human error, it is employers who bear the ultimate responsibility for upholding data protection at their companies. This can mean that, when a data breach occurs, organisations may be liable to pay compensation. If you have been affected by a data breach caused by an employee, you can still have every right to make a claim and recover compensation from the organisation as a whole.

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Northamptonshire detective data breach

police data breach

Despite looking up private police records without authorisation, a Detective Sergeant has recently evaded dismissal following a misconduct hearing. In the Northamptonshire detective data breach case, the Detective Sergeant reportedly looked up the details of a woman with whom he was engaging in an extra-marital relationship with at the time, who was involved in a case he was working on.

His actions reportedly amounted to misconduct, so the Northamptonshire Police appear to be sending mixed messages by not taking the matter any further. The police can, and often do, dismiss officers for similar offences, but this officer’s acceptance of the accusations against him, and his standing in the force, seem to have allowed him to avoid further consequences.

Police data breaches like this should be treated with the severity that they merit, taking account of the potential damage such actions can cause. Police services cannot afford to let employees off lightly for breaching data access regulations, as doing so could risk compromising the force’s reputation and its overall data security and integrity.

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The Shurgard data breach – three years on

email breach

In June 2018, the Shurgard data breach came to our attention, and we began to advise those affected by the incident. It was found that an internal error had led to personal information about employees being mistakenly shared, allegedly with all employees in the company.

It may seem that internal company data breaches are not as severe as those that provoke widespread public data exposure but, in fact, incidents such as these can be highly serious for those affected. Data protection errors must be avoided in all circumstances, as even the most basic of mistakes can have harmful implications.

All businesses and organisations in possession of personal data have a legal obligation to protect this information to the best of their abilities. Where they fail to meet this obligation, it can constitute a breach of data protection law. Those affected by the Shurgard data breach, or any other incident like this, may have a right to recover compensation for a data breach incident. To hear more about your potential right to claim, contact our specialist data breach team for free, no-obligation advice.

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Amazon data breach concerns

online company fined

Although no formal incident has occurred, statements made by ex-employees have given rise to Amazon data breach concerns. Describing the attitudes to personal data, one of the former employees, who previously held high-profile positions, reportedly noted that Amazon is unaware if it is protecting information correctly. The coverage suggested that Amazon does not have a handle on the huge quantities of data it has aggregated, which is a worrying thought given the company’s status as one of the largest businesses in the world.

The insider perspectives provide no confirmation of breaches of data protection law, but it is nevertheless worrying to think that the concerns of security experts were reportedly dismissed during time spent at Amazon. As a leading international e-commerce company, million of users visit Amazon sites all the time.

Holding millions of customers’ information, the data protection responsibilities of Amazon are monumental. As such, if a breach were to occur, the effects could be devastating. As leading specialists in data breach claims, we want to see that all companies are taking their duties seriously, as we know how serious the repercussions can be for victims who have their information exposed.

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Workplace disciplinary data leaks

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If we were to ask employers about the employee data that they hold, most might come up with a long list of personal details. Lots of employee information is made up of basic details, such as contact numbers, bank account numbers and National Insurance numbers. However, the HR department often stores more in-depth records relating to issues such as workplace disputes, employee complaints, mediation matters, and counselling details. This is where the possibility of workplace disciplinary data leaks can be worrying, and medical and diversity data could also be at risk.

When disciplinary action is taken against employees, it will typically be handled privately and quietly, and should be kept this way to protect those affected. However, this privacy can be compromised when a data breach occurs, severely undermining the integrity of the disciplinary process.

Even where wrong has been done, disciplinary information should not be subjected to public exposure. Anyone who has fallen victim to a data leak such as this may be entitled to claim compensation for the harm caused.

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NHS staff misusing information

nhs outsourcing

We naturally expect that healthcare professionals and their support staff will treat our private data with the respect it deserves, only viewing, accessing or sending information when it is strictly necessary. However, there are unfortunately certain individuals who seek to take advantage of the access they are given. NHS staff misusing information are not only breaking with professional standards, they could also be breaching data protection law.

As leading specialists in data breach claims, we have encountered a number of cases in which patient information has been accessed or processed unlawfully by employees. Using our expertise in this area of law, we remind employees that they cannot get away with the misuse of patient records, ensuring that they face consequences for their actions.

In cases where staff are found guilty of breaching data protection regulations, the victims could be eligible to claim compensation. Medical data is often highly sensitive, and no one should ever be made to feel that such information has been compromised or put a risk. If you have been affected by an incident like this, you can contact us for advice on your potential compensation claim.

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Printer hacks – a less talked-about data security issue

cyber attack

When imagining a data breach in the workplace, our minds often go to database hacks or malicious cyberattacks. However, the risks of printers are not always considered. In fact, printer hacks can sometimes be just as dangerous, acting as a route into the wider company network.

The lack of awareness surrounding such risks can demonstrate that there is often poor education about data protection at many companies. Ensuring good data protection is not simply a case of implementing firewalls or antivirus software. It is also vital that employees follow strict procedures and are aware of what good practice is.

When a third-party organisation fails to protect your personal information, they may have breached data protection law. Where this is the case, you may be able to make a claim in order to be compensated for the damage caused. As leading specialists in data protection law, we help those affected by data breaches to access the justice they deserve.

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Human error GDPR breach – legal advice

data breach deleting information

A huge volume of data breaches in recent years were caused by human error, and the frequency with which such breaches happen does not seem to be lessening. A human error GDPR breach can be no less serious than a mass cyberattack. In fact, it can be due to the mistake or overall negligence of employees that data hacks are allowed to occur in the first place.

In either scenario, vast amounts of information can end up being exposed.

It is simply unacceptable that failing to carry out basic data protection procedures is still a primary culprit of data leaks, even in today’s digital world. Data protection guidelines have been enshrined in law for many years now, and the GDPR should have further moved organsations to repair any holes in their defences, yet human error continues to provoke data breaches. Anyone who has fallen victim to such a data breach may be eligible to claim compensation for any damage caused to them, so contact us if you would like to be advised on your right to claim.

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Watford Community Housing email leak

Watford Community Housing email breach

Just over one year has passed since the Watford Community Housing email leak, in which thousands of tenants’ personal information was exposed. The data was leaked as a result of an email sent on 23rd March 2020, to which a spreadsheet containing a list of all 3,545 tenants was accidentally attached.

Your Lawyers – The Data Leak Lawyers – as a leading firm of specialist data compensation lawyers, believe that victims of the email leak have been affected by a significant breach of their right to data protection. This is why we have been taking on compensation claims on behalf of the victims, and we now represent a large group of victims affected by the incident.

If you were also affected by the data breach, it is not too late to start your claim, so contact us to receive advice on your case. It does not matter that the breach was brought about by an accidental email error, as all data breach victims can still be entitled to access justice, regardless of the circumstances. Given the progress of our cases so far, we remain confident in achieving a successful outcome.

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Shocking research on pension scheme cybersecurity


Recent information and news coverage has suggested areas of concern when it comes of pension scheme cybersecurity across UK pension policies. There are concerns that not all scheme providers are focusing on cybersecurity as much as they should be, and this is a cause for worry.

As most employers are now legally required to provide pension schemes to their workforce, it is incredibly worrying to think that the details of many of the UK working population may not be sufficiently protected from potential exposure. If pension providers are failing to prevent and prepare for cyberattacks, they could be in breach of data protection obligations.

Although victims can then be eligible to claim data breach compensation, the stress and worry of a breach – and the cost for a business – is something to actively try to avoid.

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