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Coronavirus contact tracing data breach worries heighten

coronavirus contact tracing data app data breach risks

Coronavirus contact tracing data breaches and general security issues are at the forefront of our minds right now. As a leading firm of data breach lawyers, we are concerned.

There are still a lot of questions over the use of the system that has already faced a great deal of controversy so far. As the UK tries to reduce the risk of coronavirus, how does contact tracing work and is my data safe? Is there any reason to be particularly concerned about how information will be used and stored with the system? Given how personal and sensitive medical data is, how real are the risks?

Unfortunately, recent media reports suggest that information misuse is already an issue. Given how common medical data breach compensation claims are, we are not surprised.

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Concerns over mobile apps cybersecurity

coronavirus contact tracing data app data breach risks

We often see mobile apps cybersecurity issues and events in the news. As the use of apps and mobile technology continues to grow, we fear there may be more incidents to come.

And some of those incidents could lead to a great deal of data being exposed or misused for a lot of people; perhaps even millions in a single event.

As data breach compensation experts, we often deal with cybersecurity compensation claims, and many stem from apps. This includes the We-Vibe group action we’re representing victims for, which saw particularly personal and sensitive data for thousands of people misused. We can represent victims for cases on a No Win, No Fee basis, and we’re always happy to offer no-obligation advice.

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Understanding the real impact of a medical data breach


As expert lawyers, we feel that it’s important to understand the real impact of a medical data breach, which is something we have a great deal of experience in helping people with.

We have, for a number of years, been asked for help by thousands of people who have been affected by data breach events. Many of them involve medical data as it’s one of the most common types of individual legal cases that we take forward. Some of the group and multi-party actions were’ involved with also involve medical data, with some being incredibly serious and sensitive.

We understand how the victims feel. When people make a medical data breach compensation claim with us, our focus is on ensuring that any justice you deserve reflects what you have had to go through.

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Impact of hospital data breaches

hospital ransomware attacks

The impact of hospital data breaches can be incredibly severe given that we’re talking about some of the most personal and sensitive information there can be.

This can mean that the victims of this kind of medical data breach can suffer more, and it can also mean that hospitals are a bigger target for hackers.

As expert data protection lawyers, we can tell you from years of real experience in fighting for the rights of data breach victims that these kinds of legal cases need a specific approach. When it comes to sensitive medical data that has been exposed, data breach compensation amounts can be higher, and it takes specialist lawyers like us to make sure you get the best representation possible.

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Health app data breaches: should we be concerned?

coronavirus contact tracing data app data breach risks

As expert Data Leak Lawyers who specialise and focus on data protection compensation claims, we believe that people ought to be concerned about health app data breaches.

There are many ways these breaches can occur, and when it comes to medical data, we’re talking about some of the most private and sensitive information there is.

The app market continues to grow, and the popularity of health apps is understood to be on the rise as well. Ultimately, the companies behind these apps could be gathering – and maybe even sharing – more data than many people realise. On top of that, the risks of leaks and hacks is a cause for concern.

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NHS email cyber-attacks at alarming numbers

impact of a council cyberattack

Official records from NHS Digital reportedly show an alarming number of NHS email cyber-attacks, with the healthcare service said to have been hit by over 11 million in the last three years.

The data for the number of attacks that were successfully blocked was at a staggering 11,352,000 in the last three years. Although we can be positive about the fact that these attacks are those that were successfully stopped, the figures show the significant number of attacks that are taking place, and how much of a target the public healthcare system is.

The NHS was one of the worst-hit victims of the 2017 WannaCry incident as well. With them being such a target, what can be done when successful cyber-attacks take place?

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NHS confidentiality breach and the consequences

medical records accessed

The consequences of an NHS confidentiality breach can be severe, which is why claims for medical data breach compensation must always be taken seriously.

A large volume of the individual claims we take forward are NHS data breach compensation claims. They can be common because of the volume of data that our national health service is responsible for processing and storing. On top of that, any data breach or leak involving medical data is generally severe given that it’s personal and sensitive information.

Data breach compensation amounts for these kinds of cases can be typically high. But what amounts to a legal case, and can we help you?

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NHS cybersecurity breach advice

detect data hack

If you’ve been the victim of an NHS cybersecurity breach, it’s important to know what you can do in terms of your rights for legal justice.

The NHS is a huge target for cybercriminals, and a lot of this stems from a lack of infrastructure and investment. It takes the government to ensure that the NHS is properly equipped to defend itself in the digital age, and it appears that they’re still falling short.

For the victims whose information is misused and / or compromised, it’s important to know what can be done when it comes to medical data breach compensation claims.

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NHS data compensation claims set to rise

hospital ransomware attacks

NHS data compensation claims could be set to keep rising as news of substandard systems hit the media headlines this month.

We can tell you from experience that a large proportion of the people we help for individual and group action / multi-party cases are for NHS data breach compensation claims. Worryingly, recent investigation results led to MPs reportedly branding some NHS systems as ‘unfit for purpose’, with other systems branded as ‘hopeless’, which doesn’t fill patients with confidence at all.

Part of the problem is understood to be the variety of systems used, and the age of some of the IT the NHS are relying upon.

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Questions over health apps data security

coronavirus contact tracing data app data breach risks

Questions have been raised over health apps data security, as research indicates that some apps may be leaking data and sharing information without users really knowing about it.

Recent studies indicated that many health apps are sharing information with dozens of companies, including to marketing companies and digital advertising firms. Questions have been raised over whether the privacy policies for these apps are clear enough in explaining just how far the data they collect and share goes.

At the end of the day, when you download a health app, it’s for your personal use for monitoring your wellbeing or tracking your medication intake, as examples. Is it really fair to expect that your data will then be shared far and wide, and passed to companies for marketing purposes?

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