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medical test results
May 11, 2022

Sharing confidential medical data: claiming compensation

Sharing confidential medical information without proper consent can be a breach of the law, and victims can be eligible to claim compensation for any harm caused to them.

We take on a lot of data breach compensation cases that involve medical information, given how private and sensitive this kind of data is. We know from our wealth of experience in this niche and complex area of law just how badly people can be affected.

You can access free, no-obligation advice by contacting our team here now.

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physical records
April 26, 2022

Staff mishandling medical records and what can be done about it

Mishandling medical records can cause the patients affected to suffer significant distress, and this can be compensated in a data breach legal case.

Your Lawyers, as leading Data Leak Lawyers, have been at the forefront of privacy compensation since 2014. This is a great deal longer than most other firms out there, and it means that our experience speaks for itself. With thousands of clients being represented right now, and over £1m in data breach damages already recovered for mostly individual clients, we are the name to trust.

We can help you to obtain some form of justice for what you have had to go through, and you are free to speak to the team for help here now.

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hospital ransomware attacks
April 19, 2022

Human error NHS data breach compensation claims

Human error NHS data breach events can lead to the misuse and the exposure of a significant amount of incredibly personal and sensitive medical information.

The impact that this can then have on the victims who lose control of their personal information and their right to privacy can be substantial. With many of the thousands of people that we represent for data breach cases, many are for medical breach events and many have a factor of human error involved. Some of the highest pay-outs that make up the over £1m in data breach damages we have already recovered for mostly individual clients involve healthcare data, so we know the extent of the impact on the victims.

This is why the expert team here at Your Lawyers – as Leading Data Leak Lawyers – are the right specialists to have on board for your case. We will always fight tooth and nail for your right to justice, and we can do so on a No Win, No Fee basis for eligible clients.

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ico warn nhs staff over accessing medical records
February 23, 2022

Claim compensation for unauthorised access of medical records

Victims suffering from distress that arises from the unauthorised access of medical records can be entitled to claim medical data breach compensation now on a No Win, No Fee basis.

Medical data breach cases are some of the most significant that we represent people for as the impact on the victims can often be very severe. Of the thousands of people that we represent as a leading firm of data breach and consumer action lawyers, we truly understand the significant impact on victims when this kind of event happens.

The team here at Your Lawyers is here for you now – you can speak to our expert team for free, no-obligation advice here now.

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healthcare data breaches caused by human error nhs staff medical record breaches
February 02, 2022

Data breach compensation for private medical information exposure

When private medical information is exposed or misused, the impact on the victim can be substantial. This is why it is important to claim data breach compensation as a victim of this kind of event.

Whether it is a singular case where someone has leaked your clinical data, or perhaps where your medical records have been snooped on by someone, we may be able to help you. Or, if you are a part of a wider event that has affected many people, we can help as pioneers of data group and multi-party actions. We have launched over 50 of them to date, representing thousands of victims for cases.

Your Lawyers – The original Data Leak Lawyers – is a leading firm of privacy compensation experts that has recovered over £1m in damages to date for mostly individual claimants since 2014. We want to help you if your private information has been misused or exposed, and we are here for you now.

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data breaches in hospitals
February 01, 2022

Increasing healthcare cyberattacks – advice for data breach victims

While hospitals and healthcare trusts have always been prime targets for cybercriminals, the reports of increasing healthcare cyberattacks suggest that the hackers are aiming their attacks at the sector with an alarming and greater frequency. The rising numbers of cyberattacks on healthcare organisations have also widely been associated with Covid-19, in line with the wider increase in cybercrime provoked by the pandemic.

In the face of such a significant cybersecurity threat, it is vital that healthcare organisations play their part to protect the personal information that is in their control. In fact, the law requires that all data controllers take steps to ensure that the personal information they process and hold is safeguarded through appropriate organisational and cybersecurity measures. As a result, where they fail to sufficiently protect information and consequently cause it to be compromised or exposed, they could be responsible for a data protection breach.

We understand how distressing healthcare data breaches can be for those affected, given how sensitive medical information is. Our leading, specialist data protection lawyers are here to advocate on your behalf to ensure you can claim compensation for any harm caused.

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medical test results
January 11, 2022

Leading Data Lawyers concern over reported plans to sell Covid test samples

Leading Data and Privacy Law firm Your Lawyers have been concerned to learn of an investigation into plans to sell Covid test samples for medical research.

The news was broken in November 2021, and reportedly involves Cignpost Diagnostics, trading as ExpressTest, who are understood to have conducted almost three million tests. It has been suggested that there are plans by the company to analyse samples from swabs and sell data to third parties, according to inews.

The private company is an approved provider of testing, and it has been reported that the company is now being investigated by the UK’s data regulator, the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). There was understood to be a tick box as part of the purchasing process for the test that formed as part of a large privacy policy with links to a research programme. This is understood to have since been removed and appears to be the matter at the centre of the investigation.

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user credentials
January 04, 2022

Patient and employee data breaches

All data breaches can be capable of having a serious impact on victims, but the severity of a breach generally increases according to how much information is exposed, and the sensitivity of that information. Patient and employee data breaches, therefore, constitute some of the most harmful data security incidents that a victim can fall prey to.

Your Lawyers, as leading specialists in data breach law, have seen the damage that can be caused when personal data is compromised or exposed. Everyone should feel safe and secure in their hospitals or workplaces, but negligence of data protection principles can severely endanger people’s privacy.

In fact, all data controllers have a legal obligation to protect the personal information they process and hold. Where they fail to do so, they may be liable to pay damages to those affected. Making a data breach claim can allow you to recover the compensation you deserve, so contact our team for free, no-obligation advice if you think you may have a claim to make.

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nhs outsourcing
December 23, 2021

Hospital staff accessing medical records inappropriately

Hospital staff accessing medical records without any good reason to do so can amount to a serious breach of patient privacy and can allow victims to claim medical data breach compensation.

Any form of inappropriate access to confidential medical data can amount to an abuse of access rights and a breach of the GDPR. Those who have lost control of their personal information arising from such an incident could be eligible to pursue No Win, No Fee data breach claims.

Your Lawyers – The Data Leak Lawyers – are leading privacy claims experts, representing thousands of victims for data cases. We have secured damages for victims who have suffered from such data breach events, and our team is on hand to help anyone affected by an incident of this nature.

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Nursing Home data breaches
December 14, 2021

Covid-19 patients’ data – the risks of exposure

The Covid-19 pandemic has been widely linked to increased cyber threats, some of which may have involved targetting Covid-19 patients’ data. As a global crisis, it is unsurprising that cybercriminals have been seeking to take advantage of the vulnerabilities that have emerged due to the coronavirus pandemic.

In fact, patients’ medical information has always been a prime target for cybercriminals, given the sensitivity of healthcare records generally. In our previous and ongoing data breach claims, some of the most harmful incidents have been those that have exposed private medical records, often resulting in victims suffering from severe psychological side-effects.

We are close to the year two mark of when the world changed, but the coronavirus pandemic is far from over, so the data security threat to the healthcare sector is still present. However, where healthcare organisations do not have appropriate defences in place, they could still be partially responsible when cyberattacks are successful. If you have been affected by a data breach as a result of the negligence of a healthcare organisation, you could be eligible to claim compensation now.

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