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Healthcare data breaches caused by human error: your rights explained

healthcare data breaches caused by human error nhs staff medical record breaches

Healthcare data breaches caused by human error can be common. As a victim of an event like this, where do you stand? Can you claim compensation, and who do you claim from?

As a leading firm of data breach and consumer action lawyers, let us give you an insight in this article.

Medical data breach claims are one of the most common types that we take forward for people, and this applies to many of the thousands of people that we represent. We can offer No Win, No Fee representation for suitable cases, and there is a path to justice even where a data breach is caused by the fault of a person.

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NHS ransomware attacks: rights for victims

NHS ransomware attacks

Victims of NHS ransomware attacks can be entitled to claim data breach compensation with our expert team on a No Win, No Fee basis today.

Attacks against public sectors can be common because cybercriminals do target what they deem to be weaker systems, and this includes the NHS. In 2017, the WannaCry ransomware attack specifically targeted older and more outdated systems that may not be up to date, and the NHS was hit hard. There’s a trove of incredibly personal and sensitive data that the NHS is responsible for, which is another reason as to why it’s a target.

It’s the government’s responsibility to ensure that the NHS is fully protected against cyberattacks by properly funding our national healthcare service. For victims of a successful cyberattack, their rights are enshrined in law, and it’s important that we address this.

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When passwords are exposed in cyberattacks: advice

passwords are exposed in cyberattacks

When passwords are exposed in cyberattacks, victims can be entitled to make a claim for data breach compensation with us on a No Win, No Fee basis.

As a leading firm of data breach and consumer action specialists, we represent thousands of people for individual and group action cases. Many of those have had personal information exposed as a direct result of a cyberattack, which has involved exposed credentials. People have legal rights that are enshrined in law, and you could be entitled to claim damages if this has happened to you.

Data breach compensation amounts can be based on the extent of any distress and any impact on you. There are also some key steps to take to protect yourself as well.

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easyJet data breach scams

fraud easyJet data breach scams

Reports are coming in that people are falling victim to easyJet data breach scams with thousands of pounds lost in the last few weeks since news of the cyberattack hit the headlines.

Sadly, we are not surprised to hear that people are being targeted by criminals for fraud and scams. It’s not unusual for this to happen in the wake of a data breach, especially one as significant as this incident. Victims of the data breach must be wary and stay alert as the risk of being contacted by scammers under false pretences is real.

We’re representing victims for compensation claims on a No Win, No Fee basis now and we may be able to help you too if you have yet to start your claim.

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The future for gaming data breaches

data leak and data breach compensation

We have previously discussed the issues surrounding gaming data breaches, and have been asked for help and representation for cases of this nature.

The market for online gaming is massive, and data will be exchanged across the world as part of activities players are engaged in. There will be a lot of accounts that contain a great deal of personal data, and there will also be financial information stored for processing payments.

There’s also a huge “black market” for hijacked accounts as well. There are the players whose accounts they have spent time and money on being stolen, and there are those who are prepared to pay for built-up accounts. This leaves serious questions over the future of gaming and how they may be affected by data breaches.

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How victims in the BA data class action are being affected

British Airways data breach

It’s important to talk about how the victims who are claiming compensation as part of the BA data class action have been affected.

A lot of the customers who come to us for help have spoken about their concerns when it comes to the loss of control of their personal information. Many have also suffered from fraudulent activity that has happened to accounts linked to the breach.

In reality, there are many ways in which victims can be affected and can be targeted by scammers and criminals who will use the information exposed in the breach to do harm.

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Fraudsters targeting first-time buyers


According to credit-reference agency Experian, there are increasing incidents of fraudsters targeting first-time buyers, and some of it can be related to data breaches.

As a firm of expert data breach compensation lawyers, this news doesn’t come as a surprise to us at all. First-time buyers can be vulnerable to the kinds of tricks and scams that criminals can pull off, particularly because of being thrown into the world of owning a home for the first time. Criminals could pose as a number of organisations or parties, and they could use information from data breaches to convince people that they’re the real deal.

This kind of problem demonstrates how bad a simple data breach can actually be for a victim when criminals use even small bits of seemingly “harmless” data that has been exposed in a breach to do serious damage.

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Compensation for a financial information data breach

check online banking accounts

We can offer No Win, No Fee representation for victims who claim compensation for a financial information data breach with us.

Although we often talk about claiming for the distress of a breach, those who lose money can be entitled to recover what has been lost as well. This is in addition to the distress for the fact that the breach has happened in the first place.

With the number of cyber incidents in the financial services sector said to be increasing, this is an important area for us to offer our expert advice and services for.

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Cyber-attack compensation claims advice

data study

You can be eligible to make a claim for cyber-attack compensation if your data has been exposed as a result of a hack.

Ultimately, the law is clear in terms of the responsibility organisations have to safeguard the data that they store and process. It’s their job to ensure that they have proper cybersecurity in place to prevent a breach incident taking place, and if they fail to do so, victims are well within their rights to justice.

A lot of the group actions and multi-party legal cases we’re involved in have stemmed from cyber-attacks. This includes some of the big-name examples like British Airways, Equifax and Ticketmaster.

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Public sector hacks continue to be a worry

hacked latest

Public sector hacks remain one of the more worrying aspects of worldwide data protection issues, and we can tell you from experience that these woes apply here in the UK.

We say this a lot, but the simple fact of the matter is that it’s a worrying truth. One of the most common types of compensation claims we deal with here at the Data Leak Lawyers involve public sector organisations. The most common are medical data breach claims and council data protection cases.

Yet again, we’re hearing the experts voice their concerns when it comes to public sector data protection problems, and it’s important for people to know what to do when their information it misused or exposed.

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