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global ransomware attacks
December 22, 2023

Data Breach Compensation in Wake of Global Ransomware Attacks

In an era of interconnectedness, the surge in global ransomware attacks has become an alarming concern for individuals and businesses alike.

As cybercriminals grow increasingly sophisticated, the threat to data privacy has never been greater. At The Data Leak Lawyers, we understand the gravity of these breaches and are committed to helping victims claim the compensation they deserve.

In this article, we can explore the rising risks of global ransomware attacks and shed light on how victims can assert their rights to financial reparation.

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shortage of cybersecurity specialists
November 05, 2020

Instagram under investigation over handling of children’s data

Instagram is being investigated by Ireland’s Data Protection Commissioner (DPC) following alleged concerns over how they may handle children’s data.

The DPC is investigating whether Instagram (owned by Facebook) has employed adequate protections and restrictions for children on the app, and are looking into how they process children’s personal data.

Instagram has reportedly taken preventative steps to desist the exposing of children’s data. However, Instagram/Facebook could have still allegedly broken the GDPR because of the potential for under-18’s phone numbers and email addresses being displayed publicly online, it has been alleged.

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leak of sensitive data
May 22, 2020

Mental health apps and concerns over data breaches

Some statistics have put the number of downloads for mental health apps at one million since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, and these apps have been around for quite some time.

The additional strain that the pandemic is causing on our mental wellbeing is widely recognised, and the increased usage of such apps doesn’t come as a surprise. But people do need to be careful, and some apps will be more secure than others. It’s a perfect opportunity for scammers to try to muscle their way in to get hold of sensitive information too.

So, should we be concerned, what may happen if an app is breached, and what can we do to help people?

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council worker fined for sharing data information to social site
December 13, 2019

Gaming app data breaches

There has been a large volume of gaming app data breaches in recent years, and it may well be a trend that’s set to continue as these kinds of apps grow in popularity.

Gaming apps are now used by millions across the world, and there are no doubt hundreds of even thousands of them to choose from worldwide. We’ve previously discussed the issues over many apps having poor security, which recently led to Facebook closing down links with hundreds of apps due to concerns.

Ultimately, people need to be careful. Not only do people need to consider who it is that’s going to be in charge of their personal information, but they also need to consider what happens if a security breach takes place.

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data breach compensation for card skimming
November 29, 2019

Black Friday cybersecurity

As a ‘go-to’ name in the data breach compensation industry, we were asked by the I Paper to provide them with a list of Black Friday cybersecurity tips. We were more than happy to help.

As featured in the I Paper today, we have provided a list of safety tips for shoppers this Black Friday which also applies to the coming Cyber Monday. As great as deals can be for shoppers, in today’s age of cyberattacks and data exposure, consumers need to be careful.

You can read the tips in today’s print edition of the I Paper. We’ll also outline the basis of the information for you here as well under headings with some additional information.

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September 06, 2019

Facebook exposed telephone numbers in huge data leak

There’s been yet another data leak that’s hit the social media giant. It’s reported that Facebook exposed telephone numbers for millions of users, including those in the UK.

This latest data leak comes after a long line of breaches and incidents that have plagued the social media giant over the last few years. It also comes after increased scrutiny from regulators around the world over things like their data sharing policies, with the Cambridge Analytica scandal still fresh on our minds.

Although Facebook appears to be trying to play down the scale of the leak, there’s no argument as to how serious this incident is.

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global network
May 20, 2019

Bug causes Twitter data breach

A bug is said to be behind a recent Twitter data breach incident that has led to the location data for users being accidentally shared with a third-party.

This isn’t the first bug that’s led to a data breach for the popular social media platform. Just last year, 330 million users were advised to change their passwords after a bug potentially exposed them in plain text. News of this latest breach also comes at a time where Facebook and data protection incidents feel like they’re becoming the norm.

Once again we’re left wondering whether our data will ever be safe. There’s just so much information out there that’s being collected and shared about us, and when things go wrong, data breaches can easily occur.

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April 04, 2019

Millions of Facebook user records exposed

Facebook user records exposed again! In yet another data breach that’s hit the social media giants, data for millions of users has been found on a publicly-accessible Amazon server.

This is one in a growing line of recent Facebook data breach incidents that has plagued the tech giants in recent years. This appears to be another case of third-party developers being responsible for the incident as well. It’s understood that the leaks involve Cultura Colectiva, a media firm, and an app named At The Pool.

Some of the data that has been exposed in this leak is worrying. It’s yet another warning about the dangers of sharing Facebook account information via apps and plugins. Facebook themselves cannot avoid responsibility for these incidents either.

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March 29, 2019

Worrying Facebook password data protection flaw revealed

The social media giant hasn’t had it easy lately, with a number of data breach incidents plaguing their public image. The recent revelations about the Facebook password data protection flaws is another headache to add to the pile.

It’s understood that some Facebook passwords have not been securely stored and have been accessible to thousands of Facebook employees. You would expect that one of the biggest social media platforms in the world would have the best protection for passwords, but this story suggests otherwise.

Users affected by the issue are set to be contacted by Facebook. This incident is one in a long line of recent data scandals Facebook has been embroiled in.

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February 18, 2019

Greater Facebook regulation imminent

Greater Facebook regulation is looking imminent after a year-long inquiry that included issues over the misuse of personal data.

The inquiry, launched in-part after the Cambridge Analytica scandal, comes after a spate of recent data breach incidents involving the social medial platform. The recommendations made by the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee include an independent regulator to oversee tech firms like Facebook.

It’s not been an easy process judging from the remarks of MPs and others involved with the inquiry. Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg, didn’t even come to the UK to answer questions himself, which has reportedly caused a stir.

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