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Warnings over Open University cyberattacks

Warnings of increased numbers of Open University cyberattacks have hit the news after the London-based remote learning institute revealed that they have been subject to more than 1.1 million attempted cyberattacks since January 2020.

An element of these staggering figures could be put down to the coronavirus pandemic and the first national lockdown, with the second lockdown thought to potentially lead to more. With more people forced to work remotely, and many other universities now going online, the Open University has reportedly seen huge numbers of people looking to learn new skills during lockdown, or to boost their qualifications.

With the increase in online learning, as with everything else moving more online, there has been an increased number of cyberattack attempts. Particularly with the mass amounts of new devices on university servers, the Open University could be subject to many more cyberattacks given that being online is at the core of their business.

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Northumbria University cyberattack

university data leak data breaches at universities

The ongoing Northumbria University cyberattack is a cause for concern and has already led to a significant amount of distribution for students.

We understand that the situation remains ongoing as the university tries to fix the problems that have arisen from the cyberattack. It looks like this may be a ransomware attack, and it remains unknown as to whether any information has been exposed so far.

If data does end up being exposed, victims whose personal information is affected may need our legal advice and representation.

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Data breaches at universities are a serious problem

university data leak data breaches at universities

As a leading firm of data breach compensation experts, we are used to representing people for data breaches at universities on a No Win, No Fee basis.

And with recent research indicating that breaches in the education sector continue to be a serious problem, our work to fight for the justice of the victims continues to be important.

Victims of a university data breach can be eligible to claim compensation for the loss of control of their personal information. Here’s how this can work, as well as coverage of the recent research.

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University data leak compensation claims

university data leak data breaches at universities

As the higher education sector becomes more and more digitalised, it’s a good time to remind people of their rights when it comes to a university data leak.

As a leading firm of data protection compensation and consumer action lawyers, we represent thousands of clients for cases. This includes for both individual claims and for large group and multi-party actions. We have represented clients for both singular and group cases for university data breaches, so we know the law and we have the experience a victim requires to fight for their rights to justice.

Here’s how we can help.

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University cyber breach compensation

school distress claim

You can be entitled to make a claim for compensation if you have been the victim of a university cyber breach and your data has been misused or exposed.

It’s important to remember that higher education facilities like universities hold a wealth of information about a lot of people. It can include the usual personal information as well as financial data for fees, and medical and domestic data to ensure that the needs to students are met. When it comes to mitigating circumstances, the information that could be held for students can include some incredibly personal and sensitive information.

Universities can also be a major target for cyber criminals because of the research data that they hold. The information for students and employees can easily get caught up in such an attack as well.

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University cyber-attack compensation advice

university data leak data breaches at universities

Victims of a university cyber-attack can be entitled to claim for data breach compensation, and we can offer No Win, No Fee representation for cases that meet our eligibility criteria.

Universities and other learning institutions can be somewhat of a target for cybercriminals. They can be targeted by foreign threat across who are seeking intelligence and research information, but they can also be a target for those who wish to hack data for ransom.

These institutions often hold a wealth of personal and sensitive data about tens of thousands of people, and victims of a data breach like this should know their rights for justice.

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Lancaster University data breach advice

university data leak data breaches at universities

If you’ve been affected by the recently announced Lancaster University data breach incidents, we may be able to assist you with a No Win, No Fee compensation claim.

Our lawyers are fighting for justice in dozens of different data breach group actions, and this includes previous university data breach incidents. Students who have been affected by the Lancaster University incident could be entitled to make a claim for data breach compensation.

Trust the experts who have been representing people for claims for a number of years. We’re here to help, and our offices are usually open until 10pm on most week nights, and 9am to 5pm on most weekends.

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University of South Wales data incident: more arrests made

Greater Manchester Police data breach

It’s understood that more arrests have been made in relation to the University of South Wales data incident that hit the news a few weeks ago.

There’s limited information about what exactly has happened, other than that an arrest had previously been made as part of ongoing investigations. This month, it’s understood that the police have made two further arrests in connection with the data breach.

Data protection in the education sector is incredibly important. Universities hold a wealth of personal and sensitive information about a large volume of people. It can include medical data and domestic information which is often required as part of meeting students’ individual needs.

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University data breach compensation advice

university of east anglia data breach

If you’ve suffered as a victim of a university data breach, you may be entitled to make a claim for compensation with our expert team of lawyers.

We can represent victims of single incident data breaches and groups who have been affected by an incident. One of the over 25 different data breach group / multi-party actions we’re fighting for justice in is the University of Greenwich data breach incident.

We can also offer No Win, No Fee representation for people who claim with us. With universities often holding a lot of personal and sensitive data about people, it’s important to know your rights when your information has been misused or exposed.

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University of South Wales data breach


A 26-year-old man has reportedly been arrested in connection with a University of South Wales data breach incident that the police are investigating.

So far, there’s little information as to what has happened or how many of the roughly 30,000 students attending the university have been affected (if any). All we know is that a male has been arrested and that police investigation is ongoing.

We can tell you from experience that university data breach incidents can be severe. One of the dozens of data breach group actions we’re fighting for justice in stems from a university breach. The impact for the victims in these kinds of cases can be severe.

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