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data leak in a workplace
June 14, 2022

Data leak in a workplace – claiming compensation

You could be eligible to claim compensation now on a No Win, No Fee basis for a data leak in a workplace. You could be owed thousands of pounds in damages.

All you need to do is contact our specialist team here now for free, no-obligation advice.

We will go into some detail about being careful when it comes to who you claim with, as instructing the right solicitor could mean being able to claim thousands of pounds in damages and avoiding an under-settlement.

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email data leaks at work – data breach employer compensation
May 31, 2022

Email data leaks at work – what can you do

You could be eligible to claim privacy breach compensation for email data leaks at work where your personal information has been misused or exposed.

If we think that the case you bring to us has prospects of being able to succeed, we can offer to represent you for a claim on a No Win, No Fee basis. When we work this way, the simple question to ask yourself is this: what have you got to lose?

We are Your Lawyers. We are Leading Data Leak Lawyers with a wealth of experience representing thousands of clients for cases. We are here to help you now.

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employee data breaches - what to do if your data has been breached
May 25, 2022

Claim compensation for employee data breaches

You could be eligible to claim compensation for employee data breaches, whether you are the victim as an employee, or where an employee has caused a breach on behalf of a company that has affected you.

Workplace data breach compensation claims can be some of the most severe that we help people with. Equally, with so much information now being stored and processed by organisations, any privacy breach could lead to personal and sensitive information being misused or exposed.

The law can entitle victims of a data breach to claim compensation for any distress caused by the loss of control of personal information. Your Lawyers, as Leading Data Lawyers, are here to help you now.

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workplace data breach claim
January 25, 2022

Workplace data breach claim for compensation

You could be entitled to pursue a workplace data breach claim for compensation if your right to privacy has been breached during the course of your employment.

Your Lawyers is a firm of leading data breach and leak compensation experts, representing claimants for legal data cases as far back as 2014. This is a lot longer than most other firms who have only recently started looking into these cases, and this means that our experience speaks for itself. With us, you are dealing with real experts that have been involved in ground-breaking data breach cases, as pioneers in this still-evolving area of law. Our track record, and experience, speaks for itself.

Anyone who has suffered due to a data breach at work does not have to suffer in silence. Our legal team is here to help – speak to the team here now for free, no-obligation advice.

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camera photography
December 21, 2021

Workplace data breach compensation claims advice

Workplace data breach compensation claims can be one of the most severe types of privacy legal cases that we take on for victims on a No Win, No Fee basis.

The reason for this is that the nature of the information that can be exposed can be personal and sensitive, and it could be voluminous. This can mean that the impact for the victim can be substantial, which is why these kinds of legal cases can be so serious.

At Your Lawyers – The Data Leak Lawyers – as leading privacy claims experts, we represent a lot of people for workplace data cases. You can speak to the team for free, no-obligation advice here now.

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workplace data leak
October 20, 2021

Claiming compensation for a workplace data leak

If you have been affected by a workplace data leak, you may be eligible to claim compensation for the exposure of your private information.

Employers are often required to request and store a wealth of information about their employees, but this comes with an obligation to ensure that it remains secure and protected from unauthorised access. Where workplaces have failed to adhere to data protection laws, those who have had their information leaked may be able to recover compensation.

Your Lawyers, as leading specialists in data leak claims, is more than familiar with the worries and stresses many victims suffer in the wake of data breaches. Those who have faced information exposure in their own workplace can often be uncertain about what action they can take, worrying about the friction they could face from their employer when making a claim. We can assure you that we take all the stresses of a data breach claim off your hands and it is your right to make a claim. Read on to learn more about how you could be able to make a workplace data breach claim.

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claims folder
October 05, 2021

Workplace data protection breach – advice for compensation

Victims of a workplace data protection breach could be entitled to bring claims for compensation, and we will look at one such event involving Portland Business and Financial Solutions.

Given that employers and companies involved in employment matters often store and process particularly personal and sensitive data, the impact of a breach, leak or hack can be substantial.

Your Lawyers – as leading Data Leak Lawyers – represent thousands of people for privacy compensation claims. We have done so for over seven years, which is a lot longer than most other firms out there. With over £1m recovered just for mainly individual data victims to date, and over 50 group and multi-party data actions launched, we know what it means to be experts in this niche and complex area of law.

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victim of data theft or loss
September 21, 2021

Pension plan data breaches

Whether you have sought out your own pension plan or you have been automatically registered on one by your employer, a significant portion of the working population is contributing to a pension plan. Pensions are perhaps not something we often think about in terms of a data security risk, but pension plan data breaches are capable of causing significant damage to those affected.

In fact, employers and pension providers often have to process and hold a variety of different details about employees meaning that, if such information is compromised, it can constitute a significant breach of the victims’ data privacy. Where pension companies or employers have failed to protect pension data, they may be liable to issue compensation pay-outs to those affected.

At Your Lawyers – the Data Leak Lawyers – as leading privacy claims experts we have been representing clients for data matters since 2014. Our experience in data breach claims means that we are well equipped to hold data controllers accountable for their negligence. We believe there is still too much complacency surrounding the importance of data protection, which is why we support data breach victims to ensure that they receive the compensation they deserve.

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April 26, 2021

Shocking research on pension scheme cybersecurity

Recent information and news coverage has suggested areas of concern when it comes of pension scheme cybersecurity across UK pension policies. There are concerns that not all scheme providers are focusing on cybersecurity as much as they should be, and this is a cause for worry.

As most employers are now legally required to provide pension schemes to their workforce, it is incredibly worrying to think that the details of many of the UK working population may not be sufficiently protected from potential exposure. If pension providers are failing to prevent and prepare for cyberattacks, they could be in breach of data protection obligations.

Although victims can then be eligible to claim data breach compensation, the stress and worry of a breach – and the cost for a business – is something to actively try to avoid.

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mobile devices
April 23, 2021

Claim compensation for a data breach at work

When a data breach occurs in your place of work, the stress on employees can be significant; whether you are one of those dealing with the repercussions, or one of the people who has had your private information exposed. The victims, in particular, can be adversely affected both psychologically and materially, so a data breach at work can represent a huge failure on the part of the company involved.

In fact, many workplace data breaches are caused by the neglect of basic data protection principles and cybersecurity measures, meaning that the company itself can often be held liable for the occurrence of the breach. Every employer has a duty to uphold strong data protection, both for their customers and their employees. When this duty is breached, affected employees may have a right to claim compensation for the damage caused to them.

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