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yahoo data breach
February 14, 2019

Settlement in Yahoo data hack incidents

A settlement was recently reached over the 2013 Yahoo data hack incidents that saw billions of accounts compromised worldwide.

The holding company for what remains of Yahoo who took over the company’s liabilities has reached a settlement for a number of legal actions it had been facing in the wake of the cyber-attack.

The Yahoo data hack was one of the biggest ever recorded. It was arguably a real wakeup call about the importance of data security in a world that’s continually increasing the use of online technology.

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July 27, 2018

European regulators order change after Yahoo data breach

European regulators have rightly ordered big changes after the monumental Yahoo data breach that was revealed in 2016, having taken place two years earlier.

Some 500 million Yahoo user accounts were hacked, including around 39m European users; the largest ever single data breach to affect Europe. Information hacked in the Yahoo data breach included names, email addresses, telephone numbers, birth dates and passwords.

European regulators have demanded big changes be made to prevent a future incident of this size and nature ever happening again.

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data breach compensation payout
December 13, 2017

Internet data hacking and compensation claims

The internet is a fundamental part of our lives. It connects us and provides us with access to the wealth of information this world has to offer.

However, when these figurative cyber portals are open, it’s important to realise it’s a two-way door…

With the rise of the digital age and the use of ever-advancing technology, cybercriminals have a far greater number of targets. Some criminals no longer need to plan a difficult and risky burglary to steal valuables from buildings; hackers can access bank account details for millions of people without leaving their desks!

And the problem is getting worse…
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data breach group action cases
November 21, 2017

Former Yahoo CEO and Equifax CEO’s testify for largest data breaches in history

The former Yahoo CEO and Equifax CEO were grilled over perceived failings surrounding two of the world’s largest data breaches in history.

Hackers easily got through both companies’ security systems and stole personal data belonging to millions of people. For two large organisations like Yahoo and Equifax, you’d think such breaches would never happen at all…

Both former company representatives reportedly started out by saying how they’d “changed” since the breaches, but they apparently also struggled when facing intense questioning.
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hacked passwords
October 25, 2017

Every single Yahoo account has been hacked – that’s three billion accounts!

2016 revealed one of the biggest data hacks in history when a reported one billion Yahoo user accounts were found to have been hacked, with login information stolen.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, it has now been revealed that the epic data breach affected all Yahoo users; tripling the initial number of accounts thought to be affected.

The three billion accounts breached is a number equivalent to almost half of the world’s entire population. Accounts for Yahoo-acquired social media platforms Tumblr, Fantasy and Flickr have also reportedly been compromised in the breach.
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large companies cyber attack threat
September 12, 2017

Two recent infamous data breaches: Yahoo and WannaCry

The risk of a cyberattack is said to be always imminent; wherever and whenever.

It’s often seen as a case of “when” and not “if”. In this blog, we’ll have a look at two of the most infamous data breaches – Yahoo and WannaCry – that have happened recently. We’re actually representing victims involved in the breaches outlined in this blog as well.

These are big breaches that have affected big companies.
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yahoo hack - were the russians to blame?
April 05, 2017

Was the Russian intelligence service involved in the Yahoo hacking scandal?

Two Russian intelligence agents and two hackers have been formally accused of stealing more than 500 million U.S. Yahoo email accounts.

Officers of the FSB, the internal security of the Russian state, allegedly commissioned cyber-hackers to access Yahoo’s email network to steal half a billion accounts of ordinary users, as well as data for U.S. officials and CEO’s of large corporations.
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email breach
November 03, 2016

“What Took So Long?” – Why did Yahoo wait two years to release information on the hacking scandal which affect half a billion users?

The Yahoo hack serves an important piece of advice: that millions of email accounts are at high risk of hacking all the time.

More than half a billion Yahoo user accounts were hacked in late 2014, with 8 million of them being here in the U.K – yet the figure was only released a couple of weeks ago.

So why did it take so long for the world to find out about the Yahoo email hack?
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