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TalkTalk Customers targeted by scammers and fraudsters; but what are TalkTalk doing about it?

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The 2015 TalkTalk hack resulted in the details for 156,959 customers being accessed. Of these, 15,656 bank account numbers and sort codes were accessed.

Off the back of this, fraudsters have been targeting TalkTalk customers, and we can only assume they are doing it off the back of the information that has been hacked. We’re acting for a number of people who have been called by fraudsters pretending to be TalkTalk and scamming them out of money.

But TalkTalk seem awfully quiet on the very serious issue of their customers being targeted by clever fraudsters from what we have seen…

When information is hacked, it is often sold on the “dark web” for other criminals to use. Off the back of the TalkTalk hack, its customers are being called by scammers who have legitimate information about their account; including names, account numbers, and even records of real reported problems. Armed with this information, it seems that the scammers are targeting TalkTalk hack victims using the information that was hacked.

We’re acting for a number of people who have received calls with lots of information that made the scammers appear to be genuine; such as calls to discuss real problems a customer had actually reported to TalkTalk. So, when they call, people naturally think it’s genuine because the scammers have all their info and are calling in relation to real issues.

We don’t know how many have been targeted or how many people have been successfully scammed out of money, but TalkTalk do not appear to be taking any proper steps to protect their customers at all. They have released internet statements advising people, but little appears to be being done in direct response to the scammers targeting TalkTalk customers.

In fact, we know some of the people we’ve spoken to have said that TalkTalk themselves couldn’t even tell them for sure whether or not their information had even been hacked. They simply don’t know!

We’d expect letters and emails to be sent to all TalkTalk customers with detailed advice about how to stay safe, especially since scammers appear to be using the hacked information to target people. The people we are acting for haven’t received any comprehensive advice at all, and the result is them being scammed out of thousands of pounds.

We can’t say for certain what, if any, advice has been given – hundreds of thousands of customers have been hacked.

Are TalkTalk keeping quiet about it, and perhaps hoping it can all be swept under the carpet?

Have you been affected?

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First published by Author on June 28, 2016
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