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Mark Zuckerberg is reportedly amongst those who cover their laptop webcam and mic with tape

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Social media giant and Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg is reportedly amongst those who cover their webcams with tape over fears of cyber snooping.

We recently blogged about the statistic that one in three of us cover our webcams in fear that they could be hacked or accessed to snoop on what we’re doing. In a photo shown on the BBC, Mark Zuckerberg celebrates Instagram reaching its five hundred million monthly milestone, and those with a keen eye have spotted the Mac in the background that appears to have tape over the camera.

To be fair, I don’t blame him! I do it, and I know plenty of others who do it as well.

So far there has been no comment on the image following media requests, but one thing seems apparent – the Facebook inventor is perhaps as concerned about cyber snooping as we all are, and no one is safe.

I suppose it’s also poignant to recognise that he is an extremely wealthy and public man, and is a likely target for hackers and cyber criminals.

You can actually buy “webcam stickers” now as well. Hackers can gain access to webcams, and in today’s growing digital age, it’s perhaps never been easier to fall for a scam email or accidentally download a virus with your Game of Thrones episode.

The dangers are real. Mr Zuckerberg is reportedly amongst those who popularly recognise this fact!

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First published by Author on June 28, 2016
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