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Unless you have fallen victim to such an incident, it can be hard to fully understand the impact when it comes to NHS staff snooping on patient records.

And if you have been the victim of such an incident, we know all too well how you must feel. Medical data breach compensation claims are one of the most common types of cases that we take forward, and many involve staff accessing medical records inappropriately.

The recent incident involving Greater Manchester patients has also triggered a new wave of victims who are claiming with us as part of a multi-party (group) action as well. If you don’t have a case with us but want to know more about what you can do, here’s some advice for you.

Can you claim for NHS staff snooping on patient records?

You can be entitled to make a claim for NHS data breach compensation if you have been the victim of staff snooping on patient records.

We know that the impact can be severe, and this is something that can entitle you to damages. You may be able to claim for any distress that has been caused, which in this kind of case can be severe.

We know that patients can lose all the trust that they ever had in the NHS when they discover that their records have been spied on. The worry about who knows what about you can be devastating, especially when the staff who snoop in these incidents tend to know the victims. It can be partners, former partner, neighbours, friends, or family, as examples.

When it comes to medical information, we’re talking about some of the most personal and sensitive data that there is. The fact that it is so sensitive is reflected in the claims awards that victims can receive, and data breach claim amounts can be high when it comes to medical information.

What about non-NHS case?

We can take a claim for medical data breach compensation claim forward for whether it’s an NHS employee or one from a private company that has been snooping on patient records.

You still have the same rights for privacy, and a breach can still entitle you to make a claim on a No Win, No Fee basis.

Many GPs and dentist practices are private companies who have contracts with the NHS to perform services for them. They should have insurance or funds for you to claim from and settle a legal case if they wrong you.

What to do

If you have been the victim of an incident where someone has been snooping on patient records that belong to you, know your rights!

Whether you’re on of the victims of the recent Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh NHS Foundation Trust scandal, or have been the victim of another widespread or isolated incident, we can help.

We’re more than happy to offer you our specialist advice on a free and no-obligation basis. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team for help and assistance!

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First published by Matthew on November 15, 2019
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