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Find out today if you’re eligible to make a Vision Direct data breach claim on a No Win, No Fee basis as part of our compensation action.

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The online retailer suffered a huge data breach in November 2018 that affected over 16,000 of their customers. Personal and financial information was exposed in the breach, meaning victims can be vulnerable to financial fraud.

Making a Vision Direct data breach claim

Making a Vision Direct data breach claim with us is easy. All of our initial advice is free and on a no-obligation basis, and we offer No Win, No Fee representation.

If you’ve been told that you were affected by the breach then you should be eligible to join our compensation action right away. If you’re not sure, please have a look at our advice page for more information.

The process itself is easy. This is one of the over 20 different data breach group actions our lawyers are hard at work fighting for justice in. In most cases, there isn’t a great deal you need to do yourself, and we’ll keep you updated about what’s going on with your claim. We need information and evidence from you, but the legwork is for our specialist teams to work on.

If you make a Vision Direct data breach claim with us, you could be entitled to receive thousands of pounds in compensation. Not only is this justice for you but it’s also punishment for the company that we say has failed to adequately protect your data.

What about GDPR and making a Vision Direct data breach claim?

You don’t need to wait for the outcome of any investigations or GDPR fines before starting your Vision Direct data breach claim. In fact, our action for justice is already underway.

Your data breach compensation claim is separate to any regulator action that the ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office) may take. The ICO’s job is to investigate and then punish and prosecute where necessary. Our job is to fight for your rights to compensation.

For more information about making a Vision Direct data breach claim, and for guidance on how to get started with a claim, please see our advice page here.

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Your privacy is extremely important to us. Information on how we handle your data is in our Privacy Policy.
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