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Why claim data breach compensation?

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When the latest leak or hack takes places and people learn about their legal right to justice, some people may ask: why claim data breach compensation at all?

Let us give you some key reason as to why you should, as well as outlining the No Win, No Fee and the hassle-free approach that we take.

You may be surprised when it comes to things like data breach compensation amounts, and the risks that victims can be at when even a small leak happens. As a leading firm of data breach compensation experts, let’s put you in the know.

Why claim data breach compensation

Why claim data breach compensation?

There are loads of reasons, but here are three of the key ones that we think are best to start with:

  • You are legally entitled to. The GDPR means that the victim of a data breach can be eligible to receive compensation for the distress caused by the loss of control of personal information. Losses and expenses, such as money lost from fraud, could also be recovered;
  • By claiming, you can be helping to punish the data breach offender. The offender, usually an organisation, will hopefully work to make sure that they won’t end up with a similar breach in the future. We often see companies taking steps only after a breach has taken place, so you are helping to improve data security for all;
  • You could be entitled to claim thousands of pounds in compensation. Even what are labelled as “minor breaches” can still mean clients could recover anywhere between £1,000.00 and £5,000.00. Many cases we settle have been twice that as well. It all does depend on the circumstances of the case, but we think that it is worth doing when we can negotiate those kinds of figures for you.

On the subject of “minor breaches”, many will say that just an email and a password – or even a partially redacted password – is a “minor breach”. But just this week, it was reported that dozens of Moonpig customers had suffered fraudulent orders, mainly of alcohol being sent as “gifts” to unknown addresses.

It appears that Moonpig itself has not suffered a data breach, but some customer accounts have been hacked using “credential stuffing”. This is where hackers can try and use information from breached logins or email addresses and passwords to try and guess the credentials for accounts like Moonpig ones.

As you can see, it can work, and real people can be at risk of losing real money as a result of it.

No Win, No Fee and Hassle Free

Why claim data breach compensation if you could lose and pay thousands of pounds and get nothing in return?

Why bother when it could be a huge hassle?

Fortunately, with the Data Leak Lawyers, we can represent you on a No Win, No Fee basis. As long as you comply with the terms and conditions of the agreement we have in place, we really can write off our legal fees. We do this because we are huge believers in access to justice, and we also appreciate that few people would bother claiming if here was a risk of paying fees for a lost case.

Working this way is the only practical way to do it in our view.

Further, why claim data breach compensation if it’s not worth the effort? Well, we also have a straightforward and easy, hassle-free approach to claiming. All we need from you is information, evidence and instructions, and you can leave the legwork to us. You will need to be involved, of course, but we will try and do as much as we can so you don’t have to. In many cases, data breach compensation pay-outs can be negotiated without having to go to court, and there really isn’t a great deal for you to have to do.

Free, no-obligation advice

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