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Author: Ella P

Wentworth Golf Club hack
March 12, 2021

Wentworth Golf Club hack – claim compensation

A prestigious golf club in Surrey recently fell prey to a cyberattack in which hackers reportedly accessed the personal data of 4,000 members. Victims were notified of the Wentworth Golf Club hack on 15th January in an email sent from Neil Coulson, who is understood to be the general manager at the Club.

We have already taken a number of cases on and we are offering to represent people affected on a No Win, No Fee basis.

While the club may have assured members that there is not a significant risk to victims, the data exposure could be sufficient enough to leave affected members vulnerable and distressed. If you were affected and you wish to claim compensation, please do not hesitate to contact us now.

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data breach compensation for card skimming
March 10, 2021

Data breaches and payment card fraud

It is unsurprising that bank account information and credit or debit card details are among the most sought-after types of data for cybercriminals. This is due to financial motives many hackers have when they carry out cybercrimes. Payment card fraud is, therefore, one of the most significant risks of data breaches, and can occur in many different ways.

If fraudsters gain access to your money, it can be very difficult to recover stolen funds directly. At Your Lawyers – The Data Leak Lawyers – we aim to hold the other guilty party to account in data breach cases, as a leading firm of data breach solicitors. In many instances, it is not just the criminal who is responsible for a data breach, but a third-party organisation may also be at fault if they failed to sufficiently protect personal data, and that is how criminals gained access to the details for you.

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By Ella p
March 09, 2021

Exposed Hackney Council data published online by hackers

In October last year, Hackney Council announced a data breach after suffering what was described as a severe cyberattack from an unknown source. In the ensuing confusion, the council joined forces with the National Cyber Security Centre in an endeavor to judge the scale of the attack and find its source. It has since been revealed that hackers may have published files that reportedly come from exposed Hackney Council data.

The news is undoubtedly unnerving to those affected, and no one can be sure whether their data has been affected or not. As Hackney Council struggles to get a handle on the breach, leading firm Your Lawyers – The Data Leak Lawyers – are taking on claims for anyone who may have been affected by the leak.

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leak of sensitive data
February 17, 2021

Mental health data leaks and their victims

For the victims, data leaks often take an emotional or psychological toll, with psychiatrists in some cases reporting significant distress in their patients. As such, when a leak involves mental health data, the effects can be even more devastating as the victims may already have mental health problems or conditions.

To have an added stress on top of their day-to-day difficulties could be unbearable.

Unfortunately, data breaches at healthcare organisations hit the headlines all too frequently, suggesting that there are still wide-reaching failings in their approaches to data protection. At Your Lawyers – the Data Leak Lawyers – we appreciate that the ongoing stigma surrounding mental health issues can make the effects of such data leaks even more damaging. As a leading firm of data breach lawyers, we are here to support mental health patients who have been failed by the organisations that are supposed to ensure their safety when it comes to data and privacy.

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council email data leaks
February 16, 2021

Staff information data leaks

Often, the most high-profile data leaks involve customer data being leaked by a third-party organisation as, in these cases, the hit to the company’s reputation and revenue can be perceived as more significant. However, staff information data leaks can be just as costly, as they can expose extremely sensitive information related to the internal operations of a business.

In many cases, such leaks can be entirely preventable, and they may never have occurred if companies and their staff had rigidly followed data protection protocol. Nowadays, there should really be no excuse for accidents and mistakes, as the GDPR requires that any company in possession of private data follows stringent regulations.

At Your Lawyers – T/A The Data Leak Lawyers – we are a leading data compensation law firm that is here to help any staff member who has fallen victim to a data leak provoked by their own organisation. You may be entitled to claim thousands of pounds in compensation.

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By Ella p
February 15, 2021

School cyberattacks and data protection

School cyberattacks represent some of the most significant threats to data privacy in the UK, primarily because of the sensitivity of the information that school systems hold.

While cybersecurity procedures will hopefully be followed well by most staff, the effects can be dangerous when a cyberattack exposes children, parent, or staff information.

Teachers and schools have an important duty of care for their pupils and are often privy to confidential information to allow them to protect children and provide tailored educational plans. This means that a lot of private information falls under their protection, whether this is provided by children and families, or shared with them by social services.

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By Ella p
retail cyber attacks
February 09, 2021

Online shopping scams

In September, a study by Finder reportedly found that online shopping scams had increased by over a third in the first half of 2020.

The national lockdowns resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic have frequently been singled out as the reason for this notable rise in cases, which comes as no surprise. As such, it is also unsurprising that further waves of online shopping scams may continue as we enter the second month of the latest national lockdown in England.

Indeed, the figures in the Finder report suggested that online shopping and auction scams accounted for around two-thirds of fraud reported by consumers in 2020. Clearly, the threat of online shopping scams cannot be underestimated.

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By Ella p
Home Office data breaches government data breach leak
February 08, 2021

The 2019/20 New Year’s Honours data breach – one year on

The New Year’s Honours List is published at the end of every year to recognise the achievements of some of the most successful and influential people in our country. As such, the New Year’s Honours data breach at the end of 2019 was a significant blot on this celebratory event.

In an accidental leak, the addresses of over 1,000 award recipients were published online.

As the turn into 2021 marked just over a year since the leak occurred, we wish to notify victims that they still have a right to claim compensation. We are already taking legal action following the leak, as all organisations must be held accountable for failures to protect private data. Your Lawyers – The Data Leak Lawyers – is here to help any victims of data breaches at all times.

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