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Staffordshire police data breach leads to sacking

police computer misuse

A sickening Staffordshire police data breach has led to an officer being sacked and being handed a 12-month prison sentence.

With the police handling very sensitive and personal information, we expect the best from them. Unfortunately, they do fall short on some occasions. The police have been embroiled in a number of data breach incidents for several years. A concerning element is where officers are using police data when they’re not supposed to.

This hearings in the Staffordshire police data breach at the centre of this article resulted in the instant dismissal for the officer involved.

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Concerns over Cornwall Council data protection breach incidents

council email data leaks

Concerns have been raised over a spate of Cornwall Council data protection breach incidents, leading to worries over the safety of data in their hands.

The recent email data breach was one incident that was raised in council meetings. On top of that, there have been incidents of data loss, data leaks and councillors being hacked.

With the degree of sensitive and personal information that councils hold, any council data breach can be a serious one. Cornwall Council isn’t the only local authority with data protection headaches. The new GDPR is set to only make things tougher; and rightly so.

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Lancashire County Council data protection concerns

claim for an accidental data

Concerns have been raised over the quality of Lancashire County Council data protection measures after a spate of breaches occurred in a period of a few months.

Council data breach claims are common. Our Data Leak Lawyers represent a lot of victims claiming for council data protection issues because of how often these incidents can occur.

According to recent figures, Lancashire County Council data protection measures are in need of improvement. This has come after a significant number of breaches occurred over a three-month period, of which some were referred to the ICO (Information Commissioner’s office).

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Wakefield Council data protection incident revealed

domestic abuse data breach

The details of a Wakefield Council data protection incident have been revealed. The breach itself has been self-referred to regulators.

It’s understood that a document containing the details of a child’s name, address and birth date was circulated to persons who should not have been provided the information. We can only assume that there’s a specific reason as to why Wakefield Council had circulated the information for the child in question, and why their identity should be revealed.

Wakefield Council has referred the incident to the Information Commissioner’s Office. The breach took place in the post-GDPR era, meaning a big fine could be issued.

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Bupa data breach leads to fine

council email data leaks

A Bupa data breach has led to a significant fine from regulators in the sum of £175,000.00 after 198 complaints were made.

The breach period occurred between January and March 2017, meaning it has not attracted a GDPR fine. However, a large fine was levied because Bupa were found to have failed to take enough action to protect their customers’ data.

It has also transpired that customer data was vulnerable at the time of the initial data breach. This stemmed from a lack of monitoring of their customer relationship management system, known as SWAN.

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Hastings Council Data Breach showed how easy it is

email breach

The Hastings Council data breach on the eve of the GDPR coming into force showed just how easy the human error element is.

The irony was that the breach involved an email being sent out with an opt-in or opt-out offer for compliance with the new GDPR. They sent the email on the eve of the new rules coming into force. It all seemed very sensible.

That was until it was realised that all the recipients’ information was visible to each other. Yes, that’s right. A GDPR information email was sent out that breached data protection rules itself. It was another simple case of avoidable human error.

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ICO issues fine for IICSA data breach

council email data leaks

The ICO has issued a fine for the IICSA data breach that took place last year. The fine amounts to £200,000.00 given the sensitive nature of the data involved in the breach.

The ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office) said last month that, “This incident placed vulnerable people at risk, which is concerning. IICSA should and could have done more to ensure this did not happen.”

The IICSA data breach was another scenario of a simple but very avoidable data breach that has ultimately led to incredibly sensitive and personal information being exposed.

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Poole Hospital data breach

unsecured database compensation claims

The Poole Hospital data breach stemmed from the simple act of patient data being exposed from a stolen bag.

It’s understood that the stolen bag had been discarded and hidden in the hospital and contained patient data; the likes of which is always private and very sensitive. This is yet another simple data breach stemming from an entirely avoidable incident, and it doesn’t help the already problematic situation of healthcare sector data breaches.

Patients affected by the Poole Hospital data breach have been informed of the incident.

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2017 saw 2.7 BILLIION data records compromised

how much the average compensation

The year of 2017 saw a monumental 2.7 BILLIION data records compromised around the world as a result of data breaches and data hacks, estimates say.

This overall estimated figure of data records compromised is terrifying, with the UK reportedly in second place (behind the US) when it comes to the league table of breaches around the world.

They really are happening all the time and all over the place, and figures suggest that numbers have almost doubled in the UK from 2016 to 2017.

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Shurgard UK employee data breach

council email data leaks

The Shurgard UK employee data breach has led to personal and sensitive information about employees being leaked by Human Resources.

Our Data Leak Lawyers have been approached for help and representation following the breach, where personal and sensitive data about employees was accidentally shared to what’s believed to be all employees within the company.

The attachments on the breach email contained detailed notes referencing employee attitudes, attendances, progression potential, grievances and health concerns.

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