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Derbyshire police officer evades dismissal over data protection breach

Greater Manchester Police data breach

A constable at Derbyshire Police has recently faced a misconduct hearing over allegations of unlawfully accessing records of a police incident and then sharing a photo of the file with colleagues.

Although the officer’s actions contravened policing standards and data protection law, he has escaped dismissal and will be allowed to continue serving at Derbyshire Police.

Regardless of the verdict of the hearing, a breach such as this should never have occurred at all. Testaments to the officer’s reportedly “excellent” work as an officer do not erase his culpability for what has been regarded as an incredibly reckless action. As an organisation with access to extensive personal data, the police service has a vital duty to be rigorous in data protection and we should all feel safe that our information with them is secure. Our trust in the police should never be abused.

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Hundreds of thousands of Zoom passwords for sale on the dark web

cyberattack compensation

It’s understood that there may be as many as 500,000 Zoom passwords up for sale on the dark web for less than a penny each as the video conferencing app’s popularity has skyrocketed during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Security experts believe that the hacked accounts have been comprised due to credential stuffing and from other hacked websites where credentials are re-used. Either way, as the popularity of the app has grown significantly as much of the world remains in lockdown, people need to be careful.

The last thing anyone needs in this already troubling time is hackers and scammers taking advantage of people’s vulnerabilities.

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Concerns over mobile apps cybersecurity

coronavirus contact tracing data app data breach risks

We often see mobile apps cybersecurity issues and events in the news. As the use of apps and mobile technology continues to grow, we fear there may be more incidents to come.

And some of those incidents could lead to a great deal of data being exposed or misused for a lot of people; perhaps even millions in a single event.

As data breach compensation experts, we often deal with cybersecurity compensation claims, and many stem from apps. This includes the We-Vibe group action we’re representing victims for, which saw particularly personal and sensitive data for thousands of people misused. We can represent victims for cases on a No Win, No Fee basis, and we’re always happy to offer no-obligation advice.

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Gaming app data breaches

council worker fined for sharing data information to social site

There has been a large volume of gaming app data breaches in recent years, and it may well be a trend that’s set to continue as these kinds of apps grow in popularity.

Gaming apps are now used by millions across the world, and there are no doubt hundreds of even thousands of them to choose from worldwide. We’ve previously discussed the issues over many apps having poor security, which recently led to Facebook closing down links with hundreds of apps due to concerns.

Ultimately, people need to be careful. Not only do people need to consider who it is that’s going to be in charge of their personal information, but they also need to consider what happens if a security breach takes place.

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Facebook exposed telephone numbers in huge data leak


There’s been yet another data leak that’s hit the social media giant. It’s reported that Facebook exposed telephone numbers for millions of users, including those in the UK.

This latest data leak comes after a long line of breaches and incidents that have plagued the social media giant over the last few years. It also comes after increased scrutiny from regulators around the world over things like their data sharing policies, with the Cambridge Analytica scandal still fresh on our minds.

Although Facebook appears to be trying to play down the scale of the leak, there’s no argument as to how serious this incident is.

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Bug causes Twitter data breach

global network

A bug is said to be behind a recent Twitter data breach incident that has led to the location data for users being accidentally shared with a third-party.

This isn’t the first bug that’s led to a data breach for the popular social media platform. Just last year, 330 million users were advised to change their passwords after a bug potentially exposed them in plain text. News of this latest breach also comes at a time where Facebook and data protection incidents feel like they’re becoming the norm.

Once again we’re left wondering whether our data will ever be safe. There’s just so much information out there that’s being collected and shared about us, and when things go wrong, data breaches can easily occur.

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Questions over health apps data security

coronavirus contact tracing data app data breach risks

Questions have been raised over health apps data security, as research indicates that some apps may be leaking data and sharing information without users really knowing about it.

Recent studies indicated that many health apps are sharing information with dozens of companies, including to marketing companies and digital advertising firms. Questions have been raised over whether the privacy policies for these apps are clear enough in explaining just how far the data they collect and share goes.

At the end of the day, when you download a health app, it’s for your personal use for monitoring your wellbeing or tracking your medication intake, as examples. Is it really fair to expect that your data will then be shared far and wide, and passed to companies for marketing purposes?

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Millions of Facebook user records exposed


Facebook user records exposed again! In yet another data breach that’s hit the social media giants, data for millions of users has been found on a publicly-accessible Amazon server.

This is one in a growing line of recent Facebook data breach incidents that has plagued the tech giants in recent years. This appears to be another case of third-party developers being responsible for the incident as well. It’s understood that the leaks involve Cultura Colectiva, a media firm, and an app named At The Pool.

Some of the data that has been exposed in this leak is worrying. It’s yet another warning about the dangers of sharing Facebook account information via apps and plugins. Facebook themselves cannot avoid responsibility for these incidents either.

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Worrying Facebook password data protection flaw revealed


The social media giant hasn’t had it easy lately, with a number of data breach incidents plaguing their public image. The recent revelations about the Facebook password data protection flaws is another headache to add to the pile.

It’s understood that some Facebook passwords have not been securely stored and have been accessible to thousands of Facebook employees. You would expect that one of the biggest social media platforms in the world would have the best protection for passwords, but this story suggests otherwise.

Users affected by the issue are set to be contacted by Facebook. This incident is one in a long line of recent data scandals Facebook has been embroiled in.

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Dangers of the Quora data breach

data breach deleting information

The dangers of the Quora data breach cannot be understated, especially when the incident reportedly affected up to 100m users!

Just yesterday we wrote about the issue of reusing passwords and user credentials across multiple sites. Doing so can put you at far greater risks than you may even realise. One of the key things it means is that your credentials breached in an attack could be used to break into other platforms you use. Facebook is a prime example with billions of users and a feature that lets you log into other platforms using your Facebook credentials.

On that basis, the dangers of an incident like this Quora one simply cannot be understated.

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