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You can claim compensation as a victim of the Newegg data leak. This was a preventable breach in our view, and we can represent you for a legal case.

If you have been affected by the leak that took place between 14th August 2018 and 18th September 2018, we can help if you’re based in England or Wales. This was a ‘digital skim’ attack in the same style as the British Airways and Ticketmaster attacks we’re representing victims for. The same hackers are understood to be behind all three attacks.

In our view, the Newegg data leak was preventable. That’s why we ‘reoffering No Win, No Fee representation for eligible victims

Newegg data leak warning signs were clear

The warning signs that the Newegg data leak was about to happen – and during it happening – were clear. Vigilance should be a standard mind-set across the board given the extent of attacks that are happening. But the Ticketmaster data breach was a clear warning that this breach was merely the tip of the iceberg.

Cyber criminals are targeting payment systems. The Ticketmaster breach was a recent warning that Newegg ought to have taken heed of.

Vigilance could have prevented the Newegg data leak

Simple vigilance on the part of the company could have prevented the Newegg data leak. The hackers reportedly registered a domain called which was used as part of the operation. An SSL certificate was acquired for the site as well.

Further, this was a tailored attack with coding found within the payment processing of the Newegg site.

A little bit of vigilance could have allowed for the domain registration to serve as an early warning shot that something was amiss. Checks of the website could have identified the coding that was used to skim the payment information.

Instead, the Newegg data leak was a sustained incident that lasted for over a month. In our view, this is simply not good enough.

No Win, No Fee compensation for Newegg data leak

We may be able to help you claim for Newegg data leak compensation on a No Win, No Fee basis.

Find out more about your rights for a legal case here.

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