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We offer specialist hospital data breach support by way of a claim for compensation, with our expert legal representation available on a No Win, No Fee basis.

As a leading firm of data breach compensation lawyers, we have years of experience in representing thousands of clients for cases. We fight for justice for those claiming for singular events and for those claiming as part of the over 45 group and multi-party actions that we have launched. We have received Steering Committee appointments in some of the biggest consumer actions, and pioneering data actions, that the UK has ever seen. This means that you can trust in our help and representation.

Here is how we can support you.

We offer hospital data breach support

We are Your Lawyers – T/A the Data Leak Lawyers – and we specialise in supporting clients claiming compensation for breaches, leaks and hacks.

We offer a great deal of hospital data breach support as this is one of the most common types of individual legal cases that we take forward for people. When it comes to serious breaches of personal and sensitive medical data, an apology alone is not always enough.

Instances where you may be eligible to make a claim with us on a No Win, No Fee basis can include:

  • Information mix-ups, where people receive data that belongs to other people – perhaps by email or post;
  • Successful cyberattacks where not enough was done by the hospital or the managing organisation to protect the data they store and process;
  • The accidental disclosure of information that is published online;
  • Mass emails sent out like we saw with the 56 Dean Street Clinic leak of 2015 and last year’s Charing Cross GIC Clinic leak.

Leaked or hacked data does not have to directly include names and addresses for it to constitute as a data breach either. Where information is enough to identify a patient, it should always be kept confidential. At the same time, people have the right to a say on how their data is used anyway, so it can be a case of a hospital keeping everything fully confidential where we choose it to be so.

You can read more about healthcare data breach compensation cases here.

What can you claim for?

Hospital data breach support by way of a claim for compensation can allow the victim of a breach of this nature to receive some form of justice for what they have to endure. The GDPR can allow victims to recover compensation for the distress caused by the loss of control of personal information. Data breach amounts can be substantial when it comes to data as personal and sensitive as medical information, and it is important that victims have a voice for justice.

Importantly, you do not have to have suffered any actual financial loss to be able to claim. You can pursue compensation for just the distress alone.

How do I access support?

Our team is on hand now to provide you with the hospital data breach support that you need as part of a medical data claim for compensation.

We are more than happy to provide you with free, no-obligation advice about your options for justice. If we can assist you, we can also take claims forward on a No Win, No Fee basis.

To speak to the team today, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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