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Hugh Grant joins the list of celebrities whose cases against Trinity Mirror Group have settled for phone hacking

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Actor Hugh Grant is said to have received a six-figure settlement sum as a victim of the infamous phone-hacking scandal involving Trinity Mirror Group.

Mr Grant reportedly condemned members of the Mirror outlets involved, including Piers Morgan, who was in charge at the time when the hacking took place but denies knowledge or involvement in the shameful and illegal behaviour.

This remains one of the most infamous cases of the misuse of private information that was attained by hacking into victims’ phones and voice-mails.

According to news reports, Mr Grant’s actions are borne from a desire for the truth to be told as opposed to any desire for monetary compensation. He is said to be a staunch supporter of a second Leveson enquiry to be held, and believes the public have been misled and lied to.

The apparent failure by the news group to properly investigate the initial phone-hacking claims remains a heavily-scrutinised issue.

Actor David Tennant was amongst a recent list of other celebrities who have recently settled cases from the News of the World phone-hacking scandal as well.

The misuse of private information – we can help with your claim

When it comes to data protection compensation claims, majority of them are based on the misuse of private information. If data is leaked or hacked, that data has been misused. It is the stress, worry, anxiety and anything else that is then associated with the fact that such data has been misused which forms the basis of what a victim can claim for.

In this case, private information was intentionally hacked by illicit means.

Although this is rare in terms of the usual cases for the misuse of private information we deal with, Judges presiding over such cases in the High Court surrounding the phone-hacking scandals made a point of the pay-outs being high in efforts to punish offenders and deter recurring events.

We think that it’s absolutely right that offenders should be duly punished, and victims of course deserve compensation for what they have to go through when their private information is leaked or hacked. A lot of people remain unaware of their rights when it comes to claims for data protection compensation, and we’re here to advocate such rights.

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First published by Author on March 08, 2018
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