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Marriott data breach compensation

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If you’ve yet to sign-up to claim Marriott data breach compensation, you can contact our team for help and advice today.

Some 500m people have been affected by the monumental Marriott data breach that was revealed at the end of 2018. Private and sensitive data has been exposed on a database Marriott’s Starwood reservation customers. The data appears to have been exposed since 2014.

Data compromised in the breach includes personal information, contact information and payment card data. This was yet another serious incident, and any victim who is eligible to claim Marriott data breach compensation can sign-up with us today.

Taking action for Marriott data breach compensation

Our lawyers are taking action for victims who need to claim Marriott data breach compensation.

Our specialist lawyers are fighting for the rights of victims in over 20 different data breach actions. These kinds of group actions re our speciality, and we offer No Win, No Fee representation for victims.

You ought to have been informed if you have been affected by the Marriott data breach. If you’re not sure but you think you have been affected, please contact the team for assistance.

Latest in the Marriott data breach compensation news

The latest news when it comes to the Marriott data breach compensation action,  and the breach itself, has also been worrying.

Papers from a lawsuit filed in America, where billions are being claimed, suggested that the database could still be vulnerable. The lawsuit was launched shortly after news of the breach broke, and documents filed said the database was still vulnerable a week after the breach was revealed.

It’s bad enough that victims’ data has been exposed for a period of over four years. If it’s still exposed, there are further questions to be asked of the international hotel chain.

The hackers behind the hack have also been reportedly linked to Chinese State authorities. Although the motives may yet be unclear, the damage for the victims is obvious.

Anyone affected by this incident may be entitled to claim in the Marriott data breach compensation action. We can help you if you’ve been affected and if you’re based in England or Wales.

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