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We’re launching legal action for Newegg data breach compensation. The tech company has been hit with a malware injection that’s believed to have been skimming payment card data for over a month.

Yesterday, Newegg announced that they’d discovered malware on one of their servers, and that a number of their customers may be at risk from their payment card data being exposed. Newegg are said to be contacting affected customers, and anyone in England and Wales who has been affected can contact us for help.

The full extent of the data breach has yet to be revealed, but we’re launching our Newegg data breach compensation action immediately given the nature of the breach.

Newegg data breach compensation legal action launched

Security researchers have identified that the base code used in the Newegg data breach is the same as the one used in the British Airways data breach. We’re already representing victims in the British Airways data breach, and we can how help Newegg victims as well.

These are reportedly the same hackers who are thought to be responsible for the Ticketmaster data breach. This is another of one of the over 20 different data breach actions our lawyers are fighting for justice in.

Victims may be able to claim Newegg data breach compensation as it appears that malicious code has been injected into a server via a vulnerability in the website. This code appears to have skimmed data at the payment processing stage, so we’re looking at another case of payment data being compromised.

It’s not yet clear as to exactly what data has been compromised. We must assume that payment data has been exposed given the information revealed so far.

Newegg data breach compensation advice

If you processed a payment between the breach period – 14 august 2018 to 18 September 2018 – you may be able to claim for Newegg data breach compensation. We’re offering No Win, No Fee representation for victims in England and Wales now.

You can read more about the action we’ve launched here.

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First published by Matthew on September 20, 2018
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