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British Airways complaints have understandably risen in the aftermath of the massive payment card data breach, but what about compensation?

If you have a legitimate complaint with regards to the service a company has provided to you, you can be entitled to some form of remedy. This especially applies where you are at a loss as a result of the complaint.

In terms of British Airways complaints over the recent data breach, we understand that the advice they have given is to contact your bank. We have launched a compensation action, so you can instruct us directly to recover any compensation you are due.

Victims of the data breach do not have to make their British Airways complaint directly

Victims of the data breach do not have to spend their own time making their British Airways complaint directly. The airline has suggested that they are inundated with calls and their advice is to simply follow your own bank’s advice.

They have committed to ensuring that no victim of the breach is out of pocket. But, that doesn’t factor in the compensation for the distress that victims have had to go through. People have been put at an immediate risk of fraud given that full card numbers, expiry dates and security (CVV) codes were exposed. The long-term potential risks of identity theft form personal data being hacked is also important to recognise.

This can form a part of your British Airways complaint and compensation package we can arrange for. It’s early days, but initial estimations mean that you could receive at least £1,250.00 for the distress alone.

Any financial losses can also be claimed on top.

Will the British Airways complaint department compensate you directly?

The airline has said that those who are out of pocket will be compensated. There is no confirmation that any form of direct British Airways complaint will also lead to compensation for the distress. In fact, it’s normally not the case that anyone would offer this unless you pursue a formal claim.

Our lawyers are now representing a number of individuals who have been affected by the data breach. If you have a legitimate British Airways complaint as a result of the recent data breach, you can contact the team for help and advice.

There are a number of ways you can get in touch. Click here for more information.

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First published by Author on September 19, 2018
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