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January 03, 2019

Dixons Carphone data breach compensation

Can you claim Dixons Carphone data breach compensation? You could join the action for justice we launched last year.

There’s no doubt that the company has been hit hard by the data breach. They reportedly posted a £440m loss for part of last year and have undergone some restructuring as well. But that aside, victims can be entitled to claim compensation for the Dixons Carphone data breach. Our legal action is separate to regularity fines issued by the Information Commissioner’s Office as well. The breach took place before GDPR came into force, so they won’t be seeing a significant fine.

Our legal action is already well underway, but it’s not too late to join if you’ve yet to sign-up.

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Have I Been Pwned
July 19, 2018

Why was news of the Dixons Carphone hack delayed?

The news of the Dixons Carphone hack was massively delayed. The hack occurred in July 2017, yet news only broke of the scandal in June 2018.


A review of the company’s systems apparently took place with the arrival of new boss, Mr Baldock. But the hack happened almost year on from the news breaking, which simply isn’t good enough. How did the Dixons Carphone hack go unnoticed for almost a whole year? How can an organisation’s systems be so bad that it takes almost a year to break the news of a hack?

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how much the average compensation
July 05, 2018

Dixons Carphone data breach GDPR implications

The Dixons Carphone data breach GDPR implications is something that’s a little unclear at present. The data breach took place last year but was only announced this year.

Irrespective of whether we will see a Dixons Carphone data breach GDPR fine or not, we’re taking legal action, and we’re representing victims of the breach on a No Win, No Fee basis for compensation claims.

But, will Dixons Carphone be hit with a huge fine off the back of the new GDPR regulations?

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cybersecurity issues
June 20, 2018

Transparency pays when it comes to retail data protection

According to recent information, transparency pays when it comes to retail data protection as some consumers would pledge to shop more with retailers who are transparent about how they use their data.

Given the volume of data breaches we see in the news these days, consumers are more aware than ever about the importance of data protection and knowing more about how their data is used and shared.

The data about customers being happier to shop more with organisations when there is more transparency over retailer data protection policies is certainly food for thought in today’s globally-competitive market.

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June 19, 2018

Profits set to fall in wake of Dixons Carphone cyber-attack

Profits are set to fall in the wake of the Dixons Carphone cyber-attack. A sharp fall in profits is expected after news of the massive cyber-attack that exposed some 5.9 million credit and debit card details, and some 1.2 million personal data records.

Some reports have indicated the fall in profits may be as much as 23pc.

The Dixons Carphone cyber-attack apparently took place last year, yet it has taken them almost a year for the news to be revealed; a matter that they will no doubt face further criticism for.

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how much the average compensation
June 15, 2018

GCHQ set to investigate the Dixons Carphone data breach

GCHQ is set to investigate the Dixons Carphone data breach that resulted in the debit and credit card information for almost six million people being exposed.

The Data Leak Lawyers have already been approached for help as a result of the data breach, and the team are available to advise anyone who comes forward for advice.

The GCHQ (the Government Communications Headquarters) is reportedly going to investigate Dixons Carphone’s data breach which is said to have occurred last year but has only now come to light.

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