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Your Lawyers: data breach class actions specialists

data breach class actions

We are Your Lawyers, T/A the Data Leak Lawyers. We specialise in data breach class actions and individual cases, and we represent thousands of clients for cases with our No Win, No Fee representation.

We are representing clients across a wide range of actions, including British Airways, Virgin Media, Charing Cross GIC, and Equifax, to name just a few. Given how important it is to instruct the right lawyers for a case like this, here is some useful information for you.

To speak to the team about instructing us for a class action cases, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.

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Your Lawyers Virgin Media Data Breach Group Action Launch

Your Lawyers Virgin Media

Last week, the Your Lawyers Virgin Media Data Breach Group Action was launched. The action is in support of the 900,000 people who have suffered from the breach.

The Group Action claim could lead to a total pay-out of to £4.5 billion, with each individual potentially receiving up to £5,000.00, based on early estimations.

If you have been contacted by Virgin Media to inform you of your involvement in the data breach, you could be eligible to claim. To be a part of the Group Action Claim, all you need to do is fill out a few basic questions here and our team will do the rest.

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Cybersecurity month: importance of protection and legal representation

cybersecurity month

This October marks the 8th year of the European Cybersecurity Month (ECSM), and it is an important thing to mark as a leading firm of data breach compensation lawyers.

Starting in 2012, the event brings together parties across Europe to unite against cyber threats and dangers. It is important to know how to protect yourself online against cyber criminals and hackers, and it is also important to know where to turn to in the event that you have been the victim of a breach.

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Virgin Media Group Action for data breach launched by Your Lawyers

Virgin Media group action data breach

Your Lawyers (t/a The Data Leak Lawyers) has launched a formal Virgin Media Group Action in support of the 900,000 victims affected by the 2020 data breach.

This latest group action is one of the over 45 group and multi-party data actions that the firm has launched, representing thousands of clients for legal cases on a No Win, No Fee basis. The firm launched its first action for privacy breaches back in 2014 and was appointed to the Steering Committee responsible for the overall conduct of the first GDPR Group Litigation Order (GLO) in England and Wales, the British Airways Group Action.

Now, Virgin Media has just weeks to agree to resolution terms, or an application for a GLO in this case is also set to be applied for.

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Data breach group action cases – claim compensation with the experts

data breach group action cases

We are true experts when it comes to data breach group action cases, representing thousands of clients for No Win, No Fee claims, having launched over 45 actions so far.

We have been involved in some of the biggest and earliest actions in England and Wales, and we represent clients in infamous and ground-breaking cases. We believe that those who have been harmed by a data breach deserve some form of justice for what has happened, and the GDPR can allow people to receive compensation.

Data breach compensation amounts can be substantial when incredibly personal and sensitive data is exposed or misused. Here is a little guidance about our work and an insight into two of the key actions that we are representing clients for.

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Data breaches identified by third parties – what this means for victims

data breaches identified by

For data breaches identified by third parties, what does this mean for the victim or victims, and what questions do we need to ask as part of a case?

Many of those that we represent are involved in cases and actions where the breach itself was revealed by someone other than the organisation that has committed the breach. In those sorts of cases, there are questions to be asked about how this is the case.

As a leading firm of data breach compensation lawyers, we may be able to help you.

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How much the average compensation for a data protection breach depends on these factors

how much the average compensation

We are often asked about how much the average compensation pay-out is for a breach of the data protection act. Although each case is different, we can give you some insight into how we value cases here to help you.

As a leading firm of data breach and consumer action lawyers representing thousands of clients for information privacy cases, we have settled a lot of claims over several years. We can use a combination of our experience and knowledge as well as settled court cases to be able to work out what people could be entitled to claim for.

We can also look at the kinds of factors that we consider when we value a case as well.

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Affected by Virgin Media data breach? What you need to do

affected by Virgin Media data breach

If you’re one of the 900,000 victims that has been affected by Virgin Media data breach, here’s what you need to do to secure your right to make a claim for compensation on a No Win, No Fee basis with us.

A compensation action has already been established for people to join. As a victim, you could be entitled to claim for the distress caused by the loss of control of your personal information. You may also be entitled to recover damages for any losses and expenses that you may incur too.

As a leading firm of consumer action and data breach compensation specialists, we’ve launched our action for justice. All you need to do is sign-up for a legal case.

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The true cost of a data breach

compensation for identity theft

When all is said and done, the true cost of a data breach is worth avoiding for organisations as much as it should be recognised that they have a duty to protect people’s information.

It’s important that organisations are punished when they break the law, and it’s important that victims can access the justice that they deserve. That’s why we, as a leading consumer action and data breach compensation law firm, specialise in this complex and niche area of law. People have the right to seek justice and we can represent you on a No Win, No Fee basis for a legal case.

When you look at just how much it can cost to organisations financially, as well as to victims emotionally, it’s clear to see why avoiding a data breach is important.

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Derbyshire Virgin Media customers come forward for compensation


Following additional coverage of our compensation action in the Derbyshire Telegraph, Derbyshire Virgin Media customers have come forward in numbers over the last few days to sign-up for a legal case.

Victims of the data breach could be entitled to claim up to an average estimated amount of £5,000.00 on a No Win, No Fee basis.

Following our media coverage last month, we’re already acting for a large number of victims. With this latest coverage, our team has been incredibly busy over the last few days helping more people sign-up for a case with us.

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