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Travelex cyberattack leaves customers frustrated

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The Travelex cyberattack has left customers frustrated as hackers have locked down their systems and are holding the company to ransom.

We’re taking legal action for the previous Travelex incident, which stemmed from a leak of customer data. As an expert consumer law firm that specialises in data breach compensation, we’ve spoken to the media about this incident and aired our concerns that we’re seeing yet another cyberattack incident taking place; this being one of many that have hit various businesses over the last few years.

This hack may lead to customer information being leaked or sold on for money, so there’s every reason for customers to be concerned; despite assurances from Travelex.

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Fraudsters targeting first-time buyers

First published by Matthew on November 08, 2019 in the following categories: Cybersecurity Data Hacking News Malware Scammers Security and tagged with | | | | | | | | | | |


According to credit-reference agency Experian, there are increasing incidents of fraudsters targeting first-time buyers, and some of it can be related to data breaches.

As a firm of expert data breach compensation lawyers, this news doesn’t come as a surprise to us at all. First-time buyers can be vulnerable to the kinds of tricks and scams that criminals can pull off, particularly because of being thrown into the world of owning a home for the first time. Criminals could pose as a number of organisations or parties, and they could use information from data breaches to convince people that they’re the real deal.

This kind of problem demonstrates how bad a simple data breach can actually be for a victim when criminals use even small bits of seemingly “harmless” data that has been exposed in a breach to do serious damage.

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Cyber-attack compensation claims advice

First published by Matthew on August 14, 2019 in the following categories: Claims Cybersecurity Hacking News Malware Ransomware Scammers Security and tagged with | | | | | | | |

data study

You can be eligible to make a claim for cyber-attack compensation if your data has been exposed as a result of a hack.

Ultimately, the law is clear in terms of the responsibility organisations have to safeguard the data that they store and process. It’s their job to ensure that they have proper cybersecurity in place to prevent a breach incident taking place, and if they fail to do so, victims are well within their rights to justice.

A lot of the group actions and multi-party legal cases we’re involved in have stemmed from cyber-attacks. This includes some of the big-name examples like British Airways, Equifax and Ticketmaster.

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Huge risks of online streaming data breach incidents

First published by Matthew on May 15, 2019 in the following categories: Cybersecurity Ransomware Scammers Security Technology and tagged with | | | | | |

experts give catastrophic data breach warning

There can be huge risks when it comes to online streaming data breach incidents, with research showing that they’re one of the biggest targets for cybercriminals.

And it makes sense as to why they’re a huge target as well. Not only could they gain financial information from your account, but they could also use your account for pirating as well.

Online streaming is growing and growing in popularity, so there’s no way that it will be left behind when it comes to targets for cybercriminals and hackers. It can be so easy for accounts to be breached, so you need to make sure to do all you can to protect yourself. And know your rights when it’s not your fault!

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Questions over the Dell data breach

First published by Matthew on December 07, 2018 in the following categories: Cybersecurity Hacking News and tagged with | | | | |

data breach

There are questions that remain unanswered following the Dell data breach incident that took place last month.

It’s still not fully clear as to whether any data was taken. If it was, whose data was exposed, and how much of it was exposed? It has been suggested that all Dell customers ought to change their password just in case, and they should also remain vigilant. The data breach activity that was detected in November identified an attempt to steal customer information. All that’s known is that it’s possible some data was taken.

This was another high-profile data breach, and another where a reactive approach as opposed to a proactive approach appears to have been taken. Read More

Worries over numerous Facebook data breach incidents

First published by Matthew on November 14, 2018 in the following categories: Cybersecurity Data Hacking News Latest and tagged with | | | | | | | |

A number of individuals have contacted us with concerns about the Facebook data breach incidents that have come to light.

If you’ve been affected by a Facebook data breach, our team may be able to help with a claim for compensation.

From the recent private messages hack, to the infamous Cambridge Analytica data breach, Facebook appears to have a lot to answer for. If you’ve been affected by a data breach as a Facebook user, you may be entitled to damages. You should contact our team for help and advice today. It’s no-obligation, and No Win, No Fee representation.

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Equifax data breach fraud trends

First published by Matthew on September 05, 2018 in the following categories: Cybersecurity Hacking News Latest Scammers and tagged with | | | | | | |


It’s understood there have been cases of Equifax data breach fraud committed, perhaps, as a direct result of the breach itself.

Tech company, Forte, produced some stats that indicate some alarming figures in the wake of the Equifax data breach. The data can be interpreted as a possible spike in some fraud incidents after the Equifax data breach took place, which wouldn’t surprise us given the scale and nature of this monumental attack.

It’s another sign that we ought to be far more concerned with regards to data breaches than many people are.

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Ticketmaster data breach compensation action

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data breach

The Ticketmaster data breach compensation action is underway. We’ve accepted No Win, No Fee cases having assessed the prospects of the case.

There are a number of factors that have come to light that means we’re confident Ticketmaster is liable to pay compensation to victims. With some 40,000 customers affected and a number of claims taken on – including one for a member of our own staff – we’re moving ahead with our legal action.

If you’re affected, you can contact our team for Ticketmaster data breach compensation advice now.

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Trusted Quid data breach – some 66,000 payday loan customers hit by breach

First published by Matthew on March 22, 2018 in the following categories: Claims Data Hacking News and tagged with | | |

We have already been contacted by people affected by the Trusted Quid data protection breach, and our Data Leak Lawyers have agreed to investigate cases.

As many as 66,000 customers of payday loan firm Trusted Cash, trading as Trusted Quid, may have had their data stolen due to an unauthorised access of their website. Customers affected by the breach are now at a greater risk of becoming a victim of fraud as key information was stolen in the breach.

Because of the nature of the data compromised in the cyberattack, this is a very serious data protection breach indeed.
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Famous trading card company ‘Topps’ hit by second hack inside a year!

First published by Editor on January 18, 2017 in the following categories: Hacking News and tagged with

Popular trading card company Topps has been hit with an ‘unforgivable’ hack, according to BBC News sources.

The majority of data hacks come as a surprise, but not necessarily this one. According to one security researcher, the company had been warned about security weaknesses prior to the hack, and seem to have done very little to defend themselves from what appeared to be obvious security risks.
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