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Worries for travellers in aftermath of BA cyber hack

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There are understandable worries for travellers in the aftermath of the BA cyber hack, and recent study figures suggest people are getting more nervous.

Recent research indicated that as many as 65% of business travellers aren’t confident that their data is secure when they go abroad, and that relates to the data they carry. With the recent BA cyber hack compromising 380,000 payment cards, how can we be sure that our data is in safe hands with anyone?

People should be very worried. This was a monumental breach that has led to the full card numbers, expiry dates and security (CVV) codes of payment cards being exposed, and it’s sparked what may be one of the biggest data breach actions in the UK.

The aftermath of the BA cyber hack

The aftermath of the BA cyber hack has left a lot of people incredibly angry at British Airways over what has happened. With the new GDPR imposing massive fines on organisations who breach data rules – sanctions that could see BA themselves hit with a £500m fine – how did they let this happen?

With security researchers also linking this breach to the Ticketmaster breach we’re also running a group action for, no one can say that BA were not at risk.

How did they let this happen?

Was the BA cyber hack a wake-up call?

We would argue that the introduction of the new GDPR in May, combined with the huge amount of data breaches that have already taken place in recent years, was warning enough; but the BA cyber hack will certainly serve as a wake-up call to the airline itself.

What it tells us is that organisations are still not taking cybersecurity seriously enough. The BA cyber hack surely could have been prevented, and we’re keen to see the results of their own investigations and the authorities’ investigations as well.

Claiming compensation as a victim of the BA cyber hack

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First published by Matthew on September 18, 2018
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