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domestic violence data breaches
August 22, 2023

Domestic violence data breaches – claiming compensation

Domestic violence data breaches can be some of the most significant privacy cases that we represent people for on a No Win, No Fee basis as leading GDPR compensation experts.

It is important to make sure that you obtain specialist representation for a case of this nature, and we have a lot of experience in representing people for these cases, and in the niche and complex area of GDPR compensation law. Make sure you contact our team for free, no-obligation legal advice here now.

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biggest data group actions
February 06, 2023

Our work in the biggest data group actions

We have worked in some of the biggest data group actions in the UK as leading privacy claims experts where we represent thousands of people on a No Win, No Fee basis.

We have launched over 60 group and multi-party actions to date, and you can talk to our friendly team for advice about joining an action or starting a new one here now.

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supply chain data breaches
November 28, 2022

When data protection is too late after a cyberattack

It is too late to treat data protection with the seriousness that is required after a cyberattack has taken place, and information has already been exposed.

Despite the obviousness of this, and the stringent GDPR legislation in place, too many organisations are still failing to take action to stop a cyberattack rather than taking action after it has happened. The result is that many people can suffer when they lose control over their personal information which ends up in the hands of criminals.

Anyone affected by a data breach could be entitled to pursue a claim for compensation with our leading privacy claims experts now on a No Win, No Fee basis.

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misconfigured storage containers
September 20, 2022

Confidential Records Stolen in a Data Breach or Cyberattack?

Confidential records stolen in data breaches, leaks and cyberattacks could allow victims who have been affected to claim compensation now on a No Win, No Fee basis.

Your Lawyers is a leading firm of Data Leak Lawyers representing thousands of people in England and Wales for privacy compensation cases. As well as individual clients, we are representing thousands of people engaged in over 50 group and multi-party actions as specialists in this niche and complex area of law.

If you think you might have a case, all you need to do is speak to our friendly team here now for free, no-obligation legal advice.

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data compliance breach
July 29, 2022

Human errors and mistakes – data breach claims advice

Human errors and mistakes can be a core factor or an underlying reason as to how a data breach occurs and how information is subsequently misused and/or exposed.

Victims of such a breach can be entitled to claim data breach compensation on a No Win, No Fee basis. Your Lawyers, as leading Data Leek Lawyers, represent thousands of clients, many of whom are claiming damages arising from an incident that involves errors and mistakes.

You can speak to the team here now for free, no-obligation legal advice.

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check online banking accounts
January 12, 2022

Fraudsters stealing millions following data breaches

Data exposure can cause severe stress and anxiety to those affected, and it can also have a material impact. Many people may not be aware of just how close the cause-and-effect relationship between data breaches and online fraud can be. In fact, there are fraudsters stealing millions every year with the help of stolen information.

Due to the developments of the digital age, technology can now provide a means for fraudsters to expand their practices and develop more sophisticated ways of stealing from victims. Their greatest asset is arguably the wealth of data stores kept by many modern businesses, who take extensive personal details from their employees and customers. If the security of this information becomes compromised in any way, it could equip fraudsters with personal details that allow them to easily and effectively target their victims.

Your Lawyers, as leading, specialist Data Leak Lawyers, has represented many clients who have fallen victim to fraud in the wake of data breaches. If you have been impacted in this way, you may be eligible to claim compensation from those who exposed your information to misuse. Simply contact our team for more information on your potential claim.

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equifax data breach
August 08, 2019

Claim Equifax compensation in the UK

You may have seen advertisements on how to claim Equifax compensation for the recent settlement in the U.S., but what about claims for the victims affected here in the UK?

We have a different jurisdiction here and it’s a different way that we’re pursuing compensation for UK victims. We’ve been acting for a number of people affected by the breach in England and Wales since news of the incident hit the headlines in 2017. Although we’re over two years on from the discovery of the breach, you still have time to join the action for compensation.

This is one of the dozens of different data breach group and multi-party actions we’re fighting for justice in. Make sure you start your claim as soon as you can, and here’s a little more information about what’s going on.

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May 17, 2019

Equifax cyber attack compensation – what you need to know

If you’ve yet to start your Equifax cyber attack compensation claim, the first thing you need to know is that the clock is ticking!

We’re almost two years on from the discovery of the data breach, and you only have a limited amount of time to start a legal case. We’re already representing a large group of victims who are claiming with us on a No Win, No Fee basis, but it’s not too late to start a case if you haven’t done so already.

The Data Leak Lawyers are pioneers when it comes to data breach compensation for group actions and multi-party litigation. We’re fighting for justice in over 25 different class cases, as well as countless individual claims as well. For some key information about the Equifax action, read on.

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April 02, 2019

Claim Equifax data breach compensation in the UK

You may be eligible to claim Equifax data breach compensation in the UK if you were affected by the massive 2017 cyber incident.

We’re acting for a large group of victims who have joined the Equifax compensation action we launched shortly after news of the incident hit the media. We’re fast approaching the two-year anniversary of the incident, so our legal cases are well underway. There’s still time to join the action if you’ve yet to do so already, but we recommend that you contact us as soon as you can. You don’t want to miss out on any deadlines that may occur in the case.

You also don’t want to miss out when we hit the negotiations stage either.

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March 20, 2019

Don’t miss the boat in the Equifax class action

We’re coming up to the two-year anniversary of what was one of the world’s biggest breaches, so we’re making sure to remind you not to miss the boat in the Equifax class action.

We launched legal action in the UK soon after news of the massive Equifax data breach hit the headlines. We’re now acting for a large group of people affected in the UK, as one of the over 20 different data breach group actions / multi party actions our lawyers are working on.

Unlike what some firms may do when they’re not experienced in the kinds of areas like we are, we’re activity taking cases forward on a No Win, No Fee basis. We’re not just registering information with a view to trying to taking further action later.

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We offer genuine No Win, No Fee agreements for our clients. Why we do this is simple:

Leading Data Breach Lawyers
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We will fight for your right to compensation.
Access to Justice
As a victim of a data breach or hack, you deserve your chance to get access to justice.
Risks Assessment
We carefully risk assess your case and take it on if we think we have a good chance of winning the claim.

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