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How the BA data breach could have been prevented

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As investigations into the massive BA data breach look to delve deeper into how the attack happened, it appears that it could have been prevented.

Some security researchers believe that the hackers behind the BA data breach attack are the same ones who hit Ticketmaster this year. If this is confirmed, the attack against BA could have been preventable, in theory, had the airline looked at better protecting themselves in the wake of the Ticketmaster data breach

For the victims we’re acting for, the news that the breach could have been preventable is a damning revelation.

Same hackers behind BA data breach and Ticketmaster breach?

It’s believed that it could be the same hackers behind both the BA data breach and the Ticketmaster data breach.

We launched our British Airways data breach compensation action this week for victims of the attack that has compromised some 380,000 payment card details.

We already have a compensation action for the Ticketmaster data breach that appears to be linked, according to security researches looking into the incident. British Airways have yet to comment or confirm the suspicions being raised about the links, and we’ll be keeping a close eye on the developments.

It’s also been suggested that the hackers had in-depth knowledge about the workings of the BA app as well.

Could the BA data breach have been prevented if the airline took heed of warnings?

You could argue that the BA data breach could have been preventable had the airline taken heed of the obvious warning that the Ticketmaster breach served to bring to light.

In fact, it’s known that the Ticketmaster breach was potentially just the beginning as hackers appear to be targeting payment systems, especially where they can manipulate outsourced coding.

There have been so many data breaches of late that we’re surprised company bosses are not already aware of the dangers their organisations are exposed to. The new GDPR that came into force in May ought to have served as a huge wake-up call for what needs to be done to ensure that customers’ data is protected.

The Ticketmaster data breach should have been enough for the likes of BA to have taken notice and checked their security in our view.

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First published by Matthew on September 14, 2018
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